Friday, March 05, 2010

More Birdemic

Hey! Happy Friday! Hope everyone is enjoying it.
I really don't have a lot to say today, so once again, I'm going to try to keep this sort of brief.

This isn't going to affect many of you, since most of you haven't been commenting much, anyway, but I've turned the comment moderation back on. This isn't because the Adventurers have been misbehaving- it's because over the last month or so I've suddenly gotten a whole lot of spam in the comments section. It appears that the Chinese may be angry with us (or maybe just me), and they've chosen to express their anger by repeatedly posting links to Asian porn in the comments section of my blog. I keep trying to take it quickly take it down, but sometimes the stupid links stay up for half a day before I notice them. So I'm going to moderate all comments for a while and see if it slows down. Please feel free to comment. I'm still going to post all comments that aren't just links to pornography. I realize that this will probably be a problem for Ryan and Reed, but they'll just have to adjust. (just joking, Mrs. Shaw!)

What else? I posted about a movie called Birdemic that I went to see with Team Steans and Jackbart the other night. Well, Ryan doesn't have a blog of his own any more, but he posted about Birdemic on a site called Chronological Snobbery that's run by a friend of his. Ryan does a better job of reviewing the movie than I did (as well as figuring out that the director may have been a lot less deserving of sympathy than I thought), so check it out. It's good to see Roundball writing again!

Well, I gotta run.

Maybe more later. Have a good weekend!


Ryan S. said...

That's cute, but I already have plenty of sources for my Asian porn.

Jason said...

You know me. I can't resist an opportunity for cuteness. Or to point out how much you and Reed love porn.