Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anna Nicole Musical; Massa;

Well, hi!
Not much going on. Last night I watched Lost. They keep promising answers, but it's still muy mysterioso. (does that even really mean anything in Espanol?)

Looks like someone, I think over in London, is going to put on a musical based upon the life (and death?) of late Playboy Playmate, model, and reality television star Anna Nicole Smith. As you all know by now, Steanso is rarely struck speechless, but this might be the exception. I just can't believe that someone wants to put that much time and effort into a musical based on that woman's life. Blows my mind.

What else? Well, in my mind it's pretty clear that Rep. Eric Massa, a Democrat from New York, is pretty much a big ol' piece of crap. First he resigns because of allegations that he was sexually harrassing male members of his own staff (well, initially he said he was leaving for health reasons, but that was right after these allegations started to surface- a House ethics investigation is underway), and then he turns on his own party and tries to claim that he was forced out of office by Democrats because of his opposition to the health care reform bill. The man has given several completely different accounts of the harrassment allegations, and now he's switched tactics entirely and is trying to claim that Rahm Emanuel and other prominent Democrats put pressure on Massa and tried to force him out after he failed to support the health care bill. Emanuel and other Democrats completely deny these charges and say they are completely fabricated.
Just go away, Massa. Your behavior was disgraceful enough before you started trying to save your own ass by sabotaging the rest of your party.

Well, I know that was short, but I need to run. Maybe more later.

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