Friday, March 31, 2006

Hey, guys!
Not too much going on. I'm swamped at work and very, very ready for the weekend. I just got done having a hearing about whether or not we could have a hearing. How crazy is that?
I had a yummy dinner last night with Team Wilson and Jackbart and then we watched a French movie called Vidocq (my hyperlink button isn't working, so: about a Sherlock Holmes-like detective who is investigating a string of murders which were carried out using lightning strikes as a weapon. At times the plot was kind of confusing, but the movie was highly stylized and very cool to watch. I especially liked the bad guy.
I would also like to announce the return of the spring Croakfest at the Wilson pond. Croakfest started up about a week ago with the reappearance of just a couple of frogs who seemed happy to swim around and occasionally make their gravelly croaking sounds in order to announce their presence. Now toads have returned to the pond in force, though, and the cacophony of their collective voices can be repeatedly heard, swelling and then slowly ebbing away again in a slow rhythm that can be heard even a block away from the Wilson house. The toads are greater in number than the frogs and have a markedly different sound. It's really amazing to hear how loud the little buggers can get, and even when Cassidy and I are sitting in my front yard across the street we can hear the chorus of amphibians sounding out what I assume must be their mating calls from the Wilson's back yard. Pretty cool.
Well, I'm busy, so I gotta run, but I hope everyone has a good weekend!


lee said...

Tell ya what to do bout them frogs causin' all the racket. Had myself the same problem underneath my house last summer. Started raining and within a few days, there were so many tree frogs croaking it sounded like a goddamned 747 idling underneath my bedroom. The always reliable internet advised they can croak as loud as 120 decibels. With 20-30 frogs gathered, all singing the sweet sounds of froggy love, the sound was Tell-Tale Heart maddening, I assure you.

I donned the camo rain gear one night and eliminated the problem with a MAG light and a pellet gun. 12 confirmed amphibian kills using USMC marksmanship training (despite my lawyering, I was a two time rifle and pistol expert in the Marines), most of which came after a sweet flanking manuever I pulled on the little bastards--General Patton himself couldn't have done it better. They never knew what hit 'em. One minute, they were blinded by the MAG light. The next...blammo! Naturally, I left the corpses behind as a Sicilian message to those who survived. Coupled with the moth balls I sprinkled, they got the message and so far have not returned.

Steanso said...

Uh, I think the point of the story was that us hippies up here in Austin kind of LIKE the toads. On the other hand, I'm only listening to them from across the street and not right outside my window or under my house. Also, I think Crackbass prefers the frog sounds to the toad sounds, but I guess he's not all that picky. At any rate, Cassidy and I enjoy listening to them from a distance.

Glad to hear that you've found an effective use for those sharpshooting skills, though. (Camo gear and a pellet gun to take out toads?) Have your boys realized yet that their dad may have a screw or two loose? ; )

Jason said...

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Cobra Kai Dojo said...

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