Monday, March 20, 2006

Well, Steanso is suffering some mild depression following his fun-filled birthday weekend, truth be told. The Blooms are in Europe, the Wilsons are in Hawaii, and even Jennifer is rounding out her pool trip in Oklahoma, I believe. Steanso got a little taste of fun over his extended birthday weekend, but instead of being satisfied, he is only left with a craving for more. More music, more friends, and less stress- that's what Steanso is craving as he enters his 33rd year.
The alarm clock went off too early and I was greeted by the sounds of rain on the windows. I turned on the TV to wake myself up, and was greeted by a story involving one of my former clients who is now wanted in connection with a murder which occurred over the weekend. Jeez. I remember talking to this kid, and I thought he was kind of a loser, but murder? Never would have guessed it.
I want to thank everyone again for making my birthday great.
I'll write more later. Maybe.


The League said...

Sorry about the gloom. I have to say, though... you've got a good rain on, a good collection of books and a dog. You ROLL with those blues and try to soak it in. Or else write some blues tunes on your ukelele.

Call if you're bored.

suebear said...

do you have a ukelele?
ukeleles are sexy.
blues tunes are sexy (my favorite, actually).
yes, yes, write blues tunes on the ukelele!