Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Apparently V for Vendetta is number one at the box office. I liked the movie, and I find it pretty impressive that a major studio release involves a movie about an anarchist terrorist who wears a mask for the entire movie and blows up government buildings in the fight to pursue individual liberties. This being said, I liked the book better than I liked the movie, and you can find a pretty darn good review of the whole affair by none other than Roundball, my bouncing baby brother, over at Nanostalgia.
The fascists who run the government in V's totalitarian version of the U.K. seem more like charicatures than real people- their absolute, inescapable, all-pervasive iron rule serving almost as a distraction from the subtlety and banality with which our civil liberties are diminished in the real world (i.e., a phone tap here, a Patriot Act there, and a few secret prisons for people who are different enough from us so that questions will not be raised when they are subjected to degrading, inhumane treatment).

Well, as I said, Roundball covered most of this already. More later.


Anonymous said...

Your brother is a genius. Let it never be said otherwise. And handsome.

-a mysterious but sexy lady

McSteans said...

mysterious but sexy lady -

I totally agree with you. And you'd best back off, bitch.

btw - does your name insinuate that it's unusual for a mysterious lady to be sexy?

Anonymous said...

No. I am very sexy, but I am aware of your brutal Kung-Fu. So I must hide my admiration of The League's keen intellect and manly physique.

-a mysterious AND sexy lady

CrackBass said...

Perhaps this Mysterious and Sexy Lady should meet the lesser of the Steans boys. She sounds as though she may be into him as well

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