Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Also, apparently circulation is down at a sister site of The Adventures called Nanostalgia. Nanostalgia is a site dedicated to analysis of mass media and popular culture, and Steanso is theoretically a contributor (although Steanso has been hard pressed just to keep up with The Adventures of late, and his Nanostalgia contributions have dwindled). Other contributors include The League (aka Roundball, my kid brother), Crackbass (my neighbor), Jim Dedman (our correspndent in Beaumont), Randy, and Steven Harms (there are others, also, but these are the main contributors that I actually know). Anyway, readership is sagging, but we wanna keep the website going because it's kind of fun and has already been spotted by and received comments from some authors and other media outlets. So check it out. Add it to your favorites list. Nanostalgia.


Weedo said...

Uh oh. Is Nanostalgia going to get canceled and not renewed for the upcoming Blog season? It's all about the readership numbers, huh? Sponsers already pulling out?

I'll try to read it more frequently, but to be honest, I have a tough enough time keeping up with this blog and your bro's blog let alone Nanostalgia. Add to that Sigmund's NFL blog, and I've got more than enough blog reading every single day. If someone wants to pay me my current salary then I can guarantee to do full-time blog reading throughout the day, every day on all of these sites.

JMD said...

I don't think that readership is down. Actually, we have no way to track readership, as we have no Sitemeter. We must be doing alright, since we are getting comments from people that aren't in our little social circle.

The problem was, I think, that it was to be an enterprise where multiple people posted somewhat often, yet there was always daily content. In actuality, two people were doing the supermajority of posting, so we're trying to get the other folks (like me) to post more.

weedo said...

Dedman, I left another comment on nanostalgia, but I decided to leave one here too. Thanks for the Pearl Jam post. I had heard that a new album was in the works, but had no idea when it was going to be released.