Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, the Astros put up a much better fight than the record reflects. I think that, overall, the World Series had two fairly evenly matched teams, and all of the games were pretty close, but you gotta hand it to the Sox for winning four hard fought games in a row. The Astros coaching staff made some decisions during the series which will undoubtedly be analyzed into the ground, but the truth of the matter is that Chicago is just a really consistently good team. Oh well. Maybe next year. At least Houston made it to the World Series.

In other news, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court. Although Miers cited a "burden to the White House" and a possible constitutional crisis as reasons for giving up the nomination (senators had begun to request information regarding potentially privileged conversations between Miers and the president), Steanso's personal belief is that both Bush and Miers just wanted to find a way out. Bush didn't want to be embarrassed by a confirmation hearing in which his nominee was torpedoed by his own party, and Miers wasn't interested in suffering the rigors of a confirmation hearing if she wasn't likely to get the job.
I guess now we'll see if Steanso was right, though. People asked why I wasn't objecting more strongly to the Miers nomination, and I kept telling people that I was keeping my mouth shut because Bush could have picked someone much, much worse. And now I think he'll make that choice. I have a feeling that the next candidate that Bush picks is going to make Miers look like Mother Teresa. The religious right screamed like a stuck pig when they didn't get a hardcore right winger on this last nomination, and I have a feeling that now they're going to get what they're yelling for. Let's hope that the Democrats (and some sensible Republicans) in the senate will have the fortitude to stand up and do whatever is necessary to oppose any extremely conservative nomination. It may take a fillibuster, but they need to do whatever it takes to keep the far right from hijacking the judiciary.

And here's something idiotic. The ACL Fest organizers, apparently unimpressed by last year's record breaking temperatures (108 degrees, people!) have moved scheduled the event to take place one week earlier next year. The last two years have had some pretty scorching temperatures (there are shows that I can honestly barely remember anything about from last year other than choking in the heat and dust), and it seems like the year before that was pretty hot, too.
This seems like the first real screw you move from the ACL Fest organizers- a move that says, "We're going to sell this thing out, anyway, so we don't care about how much you have to suffer in order to attend." Fest organizers claim that it would be too difficult to book bands in October, but I just don't buy that. This festival has become a huge event, and I doubt that it would be that hard to fill the bill even if the festival happened in December. I think artists want to play it.
Maybe the festival organizers can cover the grounds out there with sawdust or something else to add to the dust levels and optimize their level of discomfort for the fans. Pricks.


The League said...

Honestly, I put up with enough heat in PHX from April until November. Somehow the idea of going to Austin in September, when I KNOW it will be nicer in October, for ACL Fest, isn't very inviting.

Yeah, i'd planned to go this year, but after hearing that it was 108 again... I'm not 18 years old anymore. I might like those bands, but I don't think I should have to bake all day int he sun to hear them.

Anonymous said...

I think Rove planned the Miers nomination to be a washout. By nominating someone who they knew would be savaged by the left and the right, and then having her take one for the team, Bush and Co. are in a position to nominate someone along the lines of Priscilla Owen, or some other far right judge. After all, when Owen was nominated for the 5th Circuit, nobody challenged her qualifications. Rather, she was problematic for her far right, pro-business rulings. Now that Harriet has been put through the ringer, presumably because she was "unqualified", someone like Owen can be nominated and will be much harder to defeat on academic grounds. Then it makes the Democrats look like they are playing pure partisan politics by challenging the nomination.

Sounds like just the kind of scheme Rove would come up with....