Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I don't feel much like blogging today. Apparently Conan O'Brien is going to dedicate his entire show to U2 when they come to play on Thursday.

That might be fun to watch, if I can remember (living without DVR is a real bitch).

Man, I'm struggling for material today. I had dinner with the Wilsons last night, and we have Crack practice scheduled for today.

In addition to the Neill Young album that I bought yesterday, I also got Fiona Apple's new album, and it's pretty good. I also heard most of the new Rolling Stones album, and it's pretty good, too, although it's got some throwaway songs on there. Still, it's probably the Stones' best album in awhile (and I applaud them at taking a shot at Bush with "Sweet Neocon", except the song itself isn't all that great).

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