Monday, October 31, 2005

Quick news blurb.

And apparently Willie Nelson is throwing his weight behind the ever-evolving Kinky Friedman Texas gubernatorial campaign. Willie threw a fundraiser at his ranch this weekend which raised over $170,000 for Kinky's campaign. Dick Deguerin, the criminal defense attorney who is currently representing Tom Delay, took part in a small golf tournament which was part of the event.

And Houston's Astroworld closed its doors forever this weekend to little or no fanfare. Apparently the park's business has been dropping steadily in recent years, but I still have fond memories of times that I had there as a kid (and even of a Weird Al concert that I happened upon there one time when I was visiting the park). It's sad to see something that gave you so much happiness as a kid fall apart. Then again, given the current hyperkinetic state of video games, television, and other children's entertainment, I guess I'm not surprised to see carnival rides fall by the wayside. Still, we'll miss you , Texas Cyclone! You were Houston's best roller coaster!


The League said...

I just want to point out that we didn't "happen upon" the "Weird" Al show. I think Nathan and I talked you into going. It was free with admission to the park.

Still, I'm just sick that AstroWorld closed. Kids today completely suck ass. What happened to a trip to AstroWorld being the highlight of your summer?

Shoot, man.

Anonymous said...

It's 8:30pm and you still don't have a thread on Judge Perkins being removed from Delay's case? Where am I suppossed to post my pithy smart-ass comment? Which is:

I am working on a motion for all of my Libertarian clients (which happens to be most of them, whether they know it or not) - requesting a Libertarian judge for their drug indiscretions.

How can they get a fair trial from Democrats or Republicans?

CrackBass said...


You must understand that our dear Steanso has not had access to a computer today. This is probably a good thing, as i was privy to the Adventures immediately after he heard of teh motion being granted. The resulting spew of languange from his mouth would have made sailors blush. He may not be cursing by the time he posts tomorrow, but rest assured, he will still be full of piss and vinegar. or my name aint CrackBass. And yes, we have already discussed such motions. But, unless our clients are wealthy, wealthy, devil-men (or whatever evil being you believe is the embodiment of evil), I suspect those motions will be summarily denied, and our clients thrown into the hole.

J.S. said...

Sorry, Claudius. I was in JP court all day, but I have amended The Adventures to remedy your complaint. When I heard about this decision this evening, there was a great deal of cursing, gnashing of teeth, and pulling of hair, to be sure.