Friday, October 07, 2005

Well, my thanks go out to Frank "The Tank" Skowronski for sending me a link to the following article which was both interesting and a little disturbing:

Apparently President Bush has been telling foreign leaders (including the Palestinian prime minister and his foreign relations minister) that he has been carrying out missions from God. Apparently God told George to invade Afghanistan, and then Iraq, and God is now asking W. to help try to secure peace in the Middle East. Bush went on to tell the prime minister that he (i.e., Bush) had a moral and religious obligation to help the Palestinians to secure a state.

Aside from the fact that these beliefs put Bush on the same level of operational planning as The Blues Brothers, these statements are alarming in that they reveal a motivation for action on Bush's part which neither requires logic or justification nor which leaves room for question, debate, or reasonable doubt (assuming that Bush actually made these statements). A person who believes that they are receiving their daily agenda from God is not going to question those instructions or let anyone else question them either, for that matter. Also vaguely troubling is the fact that if Bush truly believes that God is speaking directly to him, our president may be a raving lunatic who's suffering delusions of grandeur. Of course, all of this stuff may really only be problematic if these instructions aren't really from God. God wouldn't do us wrong, would he? This raises the interesting question of why in the world God would want to talk to George. Can we really trust God to advise the president? God hasn't been through a single confirmation hearing, and his record in advising political leaders thus far has been spotty at best (I mean, he had that whole Crusades thing, the Northern American and European witch hunts, the Spanish Inquisition, the subjugation of numerous "pagan" indigenous peoples, etc., etc.- and let's not forget the fact that God seems to enjoy playing both sides of the fence. There are quite a few Muslims in Iraq right now who swear that God told them to build IEDs in order to blow up American convoys.) Or maybe the voice whispering in Bush's ear isn't God at all. My understanding is that God has an ex-employee who loves to meddle in situations which could potentially turn violent, and this guy seems to love using overly ambitious and foolish humans as his tools (see Faust, Anton LeVey, AC/DC, Colin Powell).
Anyway, thanks to Frank for the article.

Jim "Dizzy" Gillespie has also forwarded an article about how Bush wants to use the military to institute martial law and enforce a quarantine if the bird flu makes it to the U.S.

You gotta wonder why God doesn't just help to cure the flu instead of using George Bush to round up all of the people who contract it so that they can be locked away. George Bush and God. When those two kids get together, there's no telling what kind of shennanigans they're going to get into!


Cobra Kai Dojo said...

Welcome to Pacific Tech's "Smart People on Ice"......

All hail the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!!! Land of Jeff Daniels!!!I wonder if Sufjan Stevens has written an folksy ode to Escanaba, home of the drunk and Swedish Westerbergs??

I'm sure that if there were some pictures of my mother's family floating around up there all the old relatives in Escanaba (Now with a Casino!!!) would be all atwitter. They live for that kind of shit.

Went and saw The Constant Gardener t'other night. Pretty solid flick.

J.S. said...

Sufjan Stevesn pales in comparison to the U.P.'s homegrown band, The Yoopers, who play such classic favorites as "The Couch that Burps" and "Deer Camp".

I went and saw A History of Violence. I also enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that anyone believes in a god anymore. Except Posiedon, whom I am truly frightened of.

A world without religion would solve 90% of our problems.

Just say it out loud - "There is no god"

Then add, "Bush is a war criminal"

J.S. said...

What do you mean there's no God? Mono E practice got a little hazy on Saturday, but I'm pretty sure he dropped by to say hi and check out the grooves...

CrackBass said...

that was the cops. or maybe me. i am often mistaken for adonis, who is a god.

Anonymous said...

...and if God was telling George to secure a state for Palestine, who was telling George to approve the sale of more weapons to Israel? Yes, I'm afraid we may all be singing Petra praise songs to a schizophrenic egomaniac who will whisper in the ear of anyone who has more fear than sense. In other news, when is Steanso going to bust out the wicked tonal kisses at Spring Baptist Church again?