Thursday, October 13, 2005

Hey guys. Well, the blogging has suffered a bit with this new job, but that's probably the price that you pay for little perks like getting a salary and being able to keep a roof over your head. Cassidy is still unhappy with my new work situation (she would strongly prefer that I be available 24 hours a day to take her to the park and the creek), but I've validated and normalized her feelings, and now we're working through these changes.

Here's some sad and disturbing stuff out of New Orleans:

Apparently the hospital staff in New Orleans had some serious discussions about euthanizing patients who would suffer slow, painful deaths without proper medications or hospital equipment in the aftermath of Katrina. There are continuing rumors and allegations that some mercy killings did, in fact, occur, but these reports are unsubstantiated and have been denied by a number of hospital employees.
I just can't imagine being put in a situation where I had to contemplate taking part in such a thing, but then again I've never been put in the position of being responsible large numbers of people who are likely to suffer a slow, painful death if I didn't do something to end their suffering. I'm just not sure that I could sit in judgement of someone who had been put in that position. It's too much to get my head around.
Anyway, I'm filing cases and trucking along. Back to court tomorrow.
Maybe I'll write more later. Maybe.


Anonymous said...


You can tell Cassidy that we all have to work on our relationships, whether we walk on two legs, four legs, or three legs!


J.S. said...

Point well taken. I keep telling her that it's not like I want to go to work every day, but she doesn't seem to listen.