Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Short post today, mostly because I spent the entire day in JP3, arguing with people about whether the speed of the car in front of them (which didn't get pulled over) has anything to do with their guilt or innocence on a speeding ticket. (It doesn't)

And in the ongoing debacle which is the Tom Delay case, speculation has already begun about whether Delay's attorney, Dick DeGuerin, is already laying the groundwork for the attempt to change the trial's venue by moving it out of Austin.
I don't think that anyone in the criminal law community is going to be surprised by a motion to change venue. Austin is a liberal city which is likely to be seen as a hindrance to Delay's defense, but in addition, Delay is well known for having led the charge in 2003 to split Travis County into three separate congressional districts, thereby weakening the voice of the liberal county within state government. Motions for change of venue are very rarely granted within the criminal law community, but needless to say, this is not a typical case, and even if the judge at the district court level refuses to approve a change of venue, I would imagine that there will be an immediate interlocutory appeal which will seek to overturn the trial court's decision. It's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. Steanso, for one, will definitely be pulling for Ronnie Earl and the oompah loompahs at the Travis County D.A.'s Office- no matter how many commercials Delay runs in the attempt to brainwash his potential jury pool.
Well, Steanso is tired and the hour grows late.
More posting tomorrow, chitlins.

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