Friday, October 28, 2005

Here's one of those confessions that's really just not much of a revelation at all. George Takei, the actor who played the beloved character of Sulu on T.V.'s original Star Trek series, has announced that he is, in fact, gay. While Steanso had never heard any rumors about Mr. Takei's sexual orientation prior to this announcement, the news wasn't exactly a shock. I guess George Takei always just seemed like such a nice, soft-spoken, level headed guy that it didn't strike me as any big deal to hear that he was gay. Now if someone like Jesse Ventura or Arnold Scharzenegger announced that they were gay- now that would be an announcement.
I do find it kind of interesting that Cheryl Swoops and George Takei both came out in the same week. Maybe they're planning to form some sort of club or something. Or there's a discount at the IHOP. Anyway, good for George. Anything that makes you feel more comfortable with being yourself has gotta be a good thing, you know? (unless you're a serial killer, or something, but I guess it's obvious enough that hurting people isn't really a valid lifestyle choice)

And here's an interesting little Halloween story for you. Apparently some woman in Delaware committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree sometime Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, but despite the fact that the woman hung herself out in the open, in plain view, the suicide went unreported for at least three hours because people passing by apparently thought that the body was some sort of Halloween decoration or prank.
What a drag. You kill yourself because things aren't going well and you're getting no respect, and then people mistake your body for a Halloween decoration for a good part of the day. Jeez. I gotta take a closer look at what's going on with those decorations over at the Wilson house...

Well, I don't have too much else. Congratulations to FOS (that's Friend of Steanso) Rosa Theofanis and her fiancee, Nathan Wilcox (sp?), on her upcoming wedding this weekend! I'm looking forward to it, and I wish you guys the best!

Go out and do fun Halloweenish stuff this weekend!


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