Monday, October 03, 2005

Well, the weekend went pretty well, all in all. I went to Spring to visit Mum and Dod Steanso, and they were doing well. We did things like going out to eat and seeing a movie and watching football and hearing one of Mum's friends play in a band and taking Cassidy for walks around the neighborhood.
The movie that we saw was Serenity. It was pretty cool. For the people who saw the original series, Firefly, the movie is definitely in keeping with the plotlines and spirit of that show. I think that they even brought back most of the characters which were introduced on that show. Dod and Steanso both really dug Serenity. Mum once again wished that she had had daughters who would come home and take her to see romantic comedies. Joss Whedon wrote the script, I believe, and although the movie pretty much uses a mishmash of pre-existing scifi source concepts rather than attempting anything completely original, Whedon is good enough at writing characters and dialogue to make you forget that you've seen most of the elements in his plotline before. It's a fun flick.
I got home earlier today (technically yesterday at this point), and we had Mono E practice. We rocked pretty hard, and ran over a lot of material, hardly breaking into an AC/DC song once. Eric's renting a Telecaster, so he brought that to practice and tried it out. It sounded cool. We need to get a gig.

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