Monday, October 10, 2005

Well, today was Steanso's first day of working for the man at The Travis County Attorney's Office. Things went pretty well. I spent more than half of my day in some kind of orientation which talked about my insurance plan and various options for my life insurance policy (which is pretty much completely moot since I have no wife or kids).
Tomorrow I get to go to JP court (Justice of the Peace) and argue with folks about traffic tickets and truancy. It's gonna be weird (and probably fun) after having been dealing with criminal defendants as clients for the last six and a half years.

The weekend was pretty slow. I saw Meredith and the Shaw clan, had a really good Mono E practice, and saw A History of Violence, which was pretty good. I also watched Lifeforce with Jackbart and Crackbass. It was a pretty fun Halloween-type film. The Pea's brother and sister-in-law had to evacuate Beaumont after Rita, so I had their dogs, Woody and Dolly, here (the Wilson house being unavailable because the Wilson wiener dogs would most likely be turned into bite-sized snacks by the hounds o' Beaumont). They were nice pups and it was fun. Cassiday misses them.

In news from the outside world, stuff keeps happening, but not a lot that I wanna comment on. Big earthquake in Pakistan. That sucks bad, but what else is there to say? The U.S. ought to send a lot of aid. We went crazy with Katrina relief, but in the end there were maybe, at most, a couple of thousand dead? I'm not trying to undermine the tradgedy of that event, but the earthquake in Pakistan killed somehwere on the magnitude of 20,000 people (and the government of that country is just not equipped to deal with that kind of a calamity- their response is gonna make FEMA look world class). Anyway, send a few more bucks to the International Red Cross, people. I know that the call for donations has gone out a lot over the past year, but this year has sucked (tsunami right at the end of 2004, then Katrina, and now this). We must all stand together or we will surely fall apart.

Okay, I gotta go get out of work clothes.



The League said...

Why must you tease us with the notion that you're going to "get out of your work clothes", and then not add a picture of you, in fact, out of your work clothes and lounging about in your underoos?

Cobra Kai Dojo said...

Quit ripping on Underoos, League.
I have on a pair of my "Greatest American Hero" Underoos right now (wifebeater + boxer briefs).
Collector's item, these!
A shame I took them out of the original 1983 packaging.

Believe it or not, I'm walking on air!

Sweep the leg, Palka

The League said...

In good faith, I am wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt under my button down here at work today.