Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well, I watched Unscripted last night with Jeff and Bart. Between this show and Entourage, I can only assume that Hollywood's love with itself is about to come full circle. Now they're making shows which are apparenrtly specifically designed for the same people who are making them. Soon the rest of the viewing audience can be cut out of the circle entirely. Who needs stories that take place in the rest of the world when we can just make shows about people making shows? This is some masturbatory shit. I know that all of these aspiring actors have supposedly suffered for their craft, but you know what- who cares? If they were struggling to become doctors or astronauts or even political leaders (anyone who is making an actual impact in the world), I might give a shit, but they're just struggling to join the cesspool of American Hollywood celebrity. They want money and fame. I see no reason why I should care one way or another if they get it.

In addition to that, Unscripted is not even a real documentary. If it were a real documentary, maybe I could bring myself to care about the characters on a personal level, but since this show seems to be mostly fictional, it even fails on that front. I guess some parts of it are supposedly real, but how much risk of failure can there be for aspiring actors who already have a film crew in tow when they show up for their auditions? Silliness...

On a more practical note, I had lunch with a couple of prosecutors who were debating the ethics of prosecuting an abuse case. It involved a cop as a victim and the cop wanted the case dropped. Normally victim input is considered, but is not determinative in abuse cases because the victim is often pressured by the abuser to drop the case (also, although the particular victim on a given case may have forgiven the abuser, the state has an interest in preventing the abuser from moving on and abusing new victims in future relationships). At any rate, these particular prosecutors were stuck in a kind of tricky position, since they were dealing with a "victim" who has theoretically been trained to identify and deal with domestic violence situations. Of course, there's a difference between knowing the textbook procedures for domestic violence as a police officer versus dealing with that situation in one's own home. At any rate, it was an interesting lunch time discussion, and I'm curious to see how things turn out.

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Anonymous said...

Amen (to your thoughts on Hollywood). I had not heard about Unscripted, but am not surprised.