Monday, January 03, 2005

first day back

This is the first day back at work following the holidaze. I have to leave for Williamson County in a couple of minutes. I've got a sentencing on a DWI case up there.

Hopefully I can write more later, but New Year's was pretty fun. The band and FOB (Friends of the Band) came over to drink wine (and tequila, and beer, and whiskey, and...), eat cheese, and be merry. I'm not ashamed to say that karaoke was involved. OK, maybe I'm a little ashamed.
At some point in the evening I have a hazy memory of rock god Eric Gottula demonstrating the breakdancing crowdpleaser, "The Caterpillar", on my back patio. Both forward and backward caterpillar motions were demonstrated.

Also, kudos to the Texas Longhorns beating Michigan in the Rose Bowl and actually not disappointing their fans for once. Way to not suck, Longhorns!

Gotta run. I have clients to sacrifice on the pyre of Georgetown redneck justice.

And I'm back. Wow, that was fun. In retrospect, I guess they're not that bad on DWI clients in Georgetown. Makes sense, though. Drinking beer is like some kinda redneck Olympic sport. Get caught up there with a joint and they'll put the hurt on you, though.

Also in the news, Jeff Wilson, AKA Crackbass, is a little under the weather, so let's all wish him well (or at least not laugh at him... or at least not laugh at him to his face). Jeff went out to a friend's ranch this weekend to do some hunting and fishing and ended up getting sick. I strongly suspect that this is divine retribution for killing things for entertainment (although I think Crackbass claims to have employed the catch and release method while fishing and to have not spotted any animals to shoot). At any rate, Steanso is a strong believer that the only thing you should kill for entertainment is time.

Also at this time I would like to voice my displeasure with, who have profoundly f#%ked up my brother's Christmas order. I received notice AGAIN today that his order has been delayed, even though the order was placed Dec. 11th. It's real chickenshit, and if I weren't such a lazy, lazy human being who detests the post office, I would cancel my order. On the other hand, Ryan will be having the best MLK Day present windfall ever.
C'mon, Amazon- how hard is it to package and send a bunch of coal, anyway?


JMD said...

Although they don't list their customer service number on the site, you can get the number here. Call and yell and threaten them with some DTPA.

The League said...

I don't know what Jim D is talking about, but if anyone knows how to grease the wheels by threatening people with legal action, it would be Jim D

CrackBass said...

Thanks for the well wishing, or at least not wishing any particular harm. As for the cause of the illness, I suspect it was created by you and your bio terrorism lab at 4604. That or i got it at crack practice. Either way, thats the last time i'm kissing a Steans that isnt ryan.