Thursday, January 06, 2005

I had scarecely any time in the office today, thus the absence of any kind of real blog entry. I did, however, have lunch with Travis County's triumvirate of justice- Kim Bloom, Rosa Theofanis, and Jennifer Kraber. These three lovely ladies are not only friends of mine, but some of the craftier prosecutors in the misdemeanor prosecution section of the Travis County Attorney's Office. You have to keep an eye on these three or they'll trick you into selling your clients down the river for far less than they're worth. Anyways, despite the fact that the three of them in combination have put my clients in jail for untold years of total jail time, I still find them amusing enough to occasionally allow them to buy me lunch.
We went to Romeos for lunch, and it was quite pleasant. Many faces from the courthouse could be seen dining in the dark corners of Romeos, and a couple of people even stopped by the table for a chat.
During lunch I learned that:
Apparently Rosa wants to throw a party sometime soon, but her aversion to planning events which may occur after her normal 8:00 p.m. bed time is causing problems for her.
I also learned that Jennifer has lately had a hankering to do some work with papier-mache (she has a real penchant for arts and crafts), and that Kim Bloom will not, I repeat not, be attending the 3 night Widespread Panic stand at Madison Square Garden at the end of the month. I also learned that Rosa has a subconscious fear/hatred of Wal-Mart which has led to dreams involving giant Wal-Mart trucks attempting to run down Rosa and her little Volvo on the freeway. Jennifer likes Target.
Well, that's it for today. Gotta go home for band practice. The Mono Ensemble is scheduled to commence rocking at 7:30.

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