Thursday, January 13, 2005

Hey. Everyone having a good day out there? I'm blogging from court today as I wait for a friend to go to lunch. It's wierd blogging from a county computer, left here for the prosecutors to use. Feels like I'm behind enemy lines.

Well, Crack is revved up for our gig on the 22nd. We are preparing ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually to entertain you people.

In other news, I watched Lost again last night. Brother/sister love? Huh. Also, I'm tired of never getting a look at that island monster. Show us the island monster, I say!!

Work. My boss, Travis, has been trying a case for the last several days in which our client is accused of trying to flee the scene of a collision which he was involved in. Our client only drove 1/4 of a mile after the accident and then pulled over to use the phone to call 911. The trick of the matter is, our client is a cop (who was off duty), and the public perception in Austin at the moment is that cops are given preferential treatment when they are accused of violating the law. This may or may not be true, but this particular case is a really stupid one that should have been settled out of court with a dismissal or a ticket. Politics have forced a trial to occur which has taken a week and cost many thousands of dollars. Anyway, the jury is out in deliberations as I write this, so I don't know what the verdict will actually be.

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CrackBass said...

and entertain we will. crack is no joke. well, maybe we are exactly a joke, but damn, if we are, we are a good one. I think those who have never seen crack will be underwhelmed (or alarmed). I think those who have seen crack in the past will be mightily impressed. I think i'll just be good and drunk. or at least drunk.