Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Shit. I just wrote a big long post about my MLK Day weekend, but then I accidentally erased it. New blog is shorter. Had Crack practice and was supposed to have Mono E practice, but Eric got a migraine and said it felt like his eyes were going to pop. Crack, rallying around the theme of "idiot confidence", is almost ready for the big gig. Rescued a frog from a fish store that had a geodesic dome. Jeff Wilson put the frog in the pond in his back yard. Had game night with people including Andy Sensat. Drunk Andy declared, "I hate you people and your giant stacks of money," and then knocked over all poker chips. Jason laughed very hard. Jeff Wilson was a wet blanket at karaoke time.
Visited with high school bandmate Corbin Supak. Corbin wanted to know if Erin Stuart was actually on Sale of the Century after fleeing from Westwood High School. Jason vows to find out. Corbin now plays with wife, Jennifer, in Portland band, The Vulturines.
Vikings lose, being bumped from NFL playoffs, and Reed Shaw is not seen for the remainder of MLK Day weekend.

I just remembered. I also met Mandy's brother and her sister in law. They seemed like pretty nice folks.


Anonymous said...

I'm not afriad to say that this blog site changed my life. God bless the Adventures of Steanso!

-Saddam Hussein

Sigmund Bloom said...

i prefer "ignorant bravery"