Friday, January 28, 2005

The weekend is upon us. I will be practicing with the Mono E and, if the weather holds up, sleeping a lot. I will also be fighting for my right to party, but I fear a brutal defeat.

Now a note about our office.
Janet, our receptionist, is surly and short. She was nicknamed Elf a long time ago by an attorney who no longer works here becasue, "she laughs like a crazy little elf." In retaliation for her nickname, Elf refers to me as Shrek. I even have a Shrek doll in my office that Elf provided me with. Elf is pretty lazy and has a lot of attitude with the clients. She was fired from this very firm 4 or 5 times before being rehired for this tour of duty. She likes to make fun of Kelly, the office manager, but Kelly can't find anyone better suited for the job. She is, to present, our longest lasting receptionist. This is mostly because the insanity of the clients and our general office enviroment doesn't really stress Elf out. Mostly because Elf doesn't give a shit. Whatever. Like I said, she's our first receptionist to last more than a month or two, and she cracks us all up.

Sylvia is our paralegal. She is bilingual, and is really nice 90% of the time. Watch out for the other 10%. Sylvia is my office conscience, and she gets me to take care of all of the distasteful tasks which I would otherwise leave on the backburner until they became disasters. She is also the mother of Christian, a little kid who frequently serves as my office playmate and comrade in arms. Sylvia's fiancee, Rick, works as a sherriff's deputy at the jail and helps us out looking up information when no one else will.

Kelly is Travis' wife and our office manager. She handles the books and tells me when to bitch at clients about money. Kelly tends to get bored really easily, and likes to drum up office drama in order to remedy that. The drama ranges from practical jokes and office pranks to elaborate conspiracy theories and gossip about the clients. Kelly is also the one who yells at Travis when he needs yelling at about stuff.

Travis is our fearless leader. He's sort of the professorial, scholastic type, and he tends to get bogged down in researching legal minutia or exploring esoteric legal issues for hours and hours. Travis is a good guy, and he works hard, but he's definitely got some of the absent minded side to the professor in him. He's a good trial lawyer, and exudes a confidence in his positions which the clients are attracted to. He has absolutely no sense of time, and will spend vast amounts of time on whatever problem interests him, whether it's in court or on the computer. He also has a wicked record collection.

We also have a runner named Johnathan who told me yesterday that he may take a year off to work before attending college (he's a senior in high school). He's a good guy who's still trying to figure out who he wants to be and what he wants to do. I haven't warned him that this process is neverending.

Well that's it. Not sure why I felt the need to explain this stuff, except that it's never been done on here. We're a dysfunctional little family, but we spend a lot of time together, so I thought it might be worth mentioning.

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