Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Last night Weedo and I watched an episode of the Star Trek original series called "Arena" in which Kirk is forced to fight the reptilian Gorn in order to protect the lives of his crew. It's a good episode, but I think that the Gorn, with his constant hissing/growling and his creepy, sparkling eyes contributed to the dreams and nightmares that I mentioned in yesterday's blog. All night last night I was chased by Gorns, and I was pretty sure it was because I had done something to piss them off (I'm not sure what).

In other news, elections in Iraq seem to be proceeding well. It's always a good sign when the insurgents manage to assassinate the man who is supposed to be in charge of security for the elections (Col. Khalefeh Ali Hassan) and then kill the provincial governor of Baghdad (Ali Al-Haidri) all in one week, less than a month away from the elections.

Now we're gonna send in 35,000 troops to safeguard the streets for the elections, but unless we're planning on leaving those troops there to guard the officials who are elected, I don't think these new Iraqi leaders are gonna have a very long tenure in office. Kudos once again to the Bush administration for thinking this whole thing out so thoroughly before the invasion.

And as if those kiddos at the White House didn't have their hands full trying to occupy Iraq long enough to pull off what most Arabs will undoubtedly consider to be a sham election, they have still managed to find the time to explore new ways of violating universal human rights!

Torture. It's not just for terrorists anymore. It's a good thing those Iraqis have us arround to show them the light and save them from their barbaric ways.


CrackBass said...

I'm glad you had nightmares you sonofabitch. You deserve them. We slave all day to make you home made soup, then you eat and run with the pretense of being afraid of catching the illness from the Wilsons that YOU gave to the Wilsons. When, instead, you ran home to watch Star Trek with Weedo, and masturbate in your Gorn costumes. Serves you right. I hope you burn in Hell.

P.S. We are having homemade chili tonite, if you are interested.

J.S. said...

Before anyone criticizes me too much for eating and running, let me assure my readership that the Wilson house was, in fact, a house of plague and death last night. Blankets and pillows covered the floors where Mandy Wilson had been struck down in mid stride by the sickness (forced to watch countless hours of Jude Law films before she was able to gather enough strength to rise), and Jeff's coughs sounded like the dying honk-growls of a harbor seal. I think that even the wiener dogs were alarmed to be trapped in the house with those two sickies. On the other hand, the soup was delightful.

The League said...

Arena was and is is my favorite epsidoe of any Star Trek series or movie, ever. Well, I also really like the one where they remove Spock's brain and have to drive his body around with a remote control. That one is SWEET.

And let's face it, the Gorn is the best Star Trek alien, ever (aside from the one horned white ape). I would love to ge the DVD of that episode. Mayhaps I shall seek it out or see if (cough cough) Jason (cough **hint** cough) can get it for my birthday (cough **hint hint** cough).

Oh, and, Jason, why do you hate freedom? Quit trying to hate freedom. These terrorsits hate freedom, and so do you. So what does that make you? Now go out and buy a magnetic yellow ribbon for your car lest I report you and have you jailed for hating freedom. And for the love of God, put a flag up somewhere, freedomhater.