Friday, January 21, 2005

Mono Ensemble and Crack tomorrow night at the Carousel Lounge. Hope everyone can make it. Except grumpy people. They should stay home (you know who you are, grumpy people).

Happy birthday to Reed Shaw and Eric Gottula. They are two of the driving forces behind Mono E, and they both happen to share a birthday, which was yesterday (but I zoned).

I had 17 people in court this morning and Williamson County this afternoon. I'm pooped.

Had lunch with my favorite vertically challenged lawyer, D.K. Punzi, and we spent a lot of time discussing why everyone who works at the courthouse is crazy except us. We decided (as usual in these conversations) that most of the people who work at the courthouse are dysfunctional and burdened with foolish, twisted worldviews, except, of course, for us. Hopefully all of those mixed up people realize how lucky they are to work in our presence.

I have nothing else to report. I still have 2 more appointments with clients (one of which was supposed to involve Travis, who isn't here, so I have nothing to tell him about his case). I am about ready to kill some people if that's what it takes to make my getaway.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the bday wishes! I haven't been on either your blog or your bro's in weeks (probably before my bday was the last time I checked in). I got a lot of catching up to do. Also, thanks for the matching bday gifts. Eric and I will put them to good use.


"We were flyin' like the end was not in sight. And we soared all afternoon. We asked the world to wait so we could celebrate..."