Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Steanso Amongst Madmen

This is Steanso in the Mad Men universe.
(I watched a couple of episodes of Madmen on the way back from London.
It was a pretty cool show, but those are the only episodes I've ever seen.)


The Pope said...

Mad Men is well worth checking out.
The last episode of Season 1 kills....where Don Draper gives the Kodak Carousel pitch. I recommend watching in sequence.

It's a toss-up 'twixt The Wire, Deadwood, and Mad Men for greatest show ever.

I recently started watching Friday Night Lights (filmed at Pflugerville HS) and The Shield.
The former is very good, the latter....meh.

J.S. said...

Yeah, I may end up watching Mad Men, but I would probably have to reactivate my Netflix account to do it (which is really no big deal). Throwing it in with The Wire and Deadwood, huh? That's high praise.
And, yeah, everyone in Austin now knows someone who's worked on Friday Night Lights (or knows someone who knows someone). I've watched a few episodes, but never go that into it. Ryan really likes it, though. I think he said something about a second season slump, but they eventually came back strong.

Unknown said...

No way Pope--The Wire is the finest show that has ever been on television, period. Mad Men is fantastic, and agreed that Don Draper's Carousel pitch is amazing television, but on the whole, The Wire still reigns supreme.

The Pope said...

Larry Lee--

Yeah, in retrospect, The Wire is indeed the greatest show. You won't get any arguments from me there.....

Deadwood has it's moments, but over the course of 5 seasons, I'd have to take Mcnutty and Co.


J.S. said...

By the way, Larry Lee, I would probably go with The Wire for best show, but you should watch Deadwood some time if you've never seen it. I really did like it a whole lot.
I mean, it's no Flavor of Love, but it's pretty good.