Monday, July 20, 2009

Beastie Boys Cancel ACL Fest Show

Son of a beeyatch. The Beastie Boys are apparently out for ACL Fest. The cancelled their ACL Fest appearance along with some other tour dates after Adam "MCA" Yauch was diagnosed with cancer in one of his salivary glands. Yauch is scheduled to have surgery and several weeks of treatment, and the cancer is considered very treatable, but Yauch is taking time off to recover and heal following the treatment.
Well, that sucks. I'm not really pissed off the same way that I was at Meg White for cancelling the White Stripes show in '07 because of her "acute anxiety", but I am really disappointed. I've never seen The Beasties before, and I was looking forward to it as much or more than I've looked forward to an ACL Fest headliner in a long time.
I'll still be happy to see Pearl Jam, and to a slightly lesser extent Dave Matthews, but the band I was most interested in seeing of the three has been wiped off the schedule.
The brother's got cancer, though, so I'm not gonna really fault the Beasties, but it's just a bummer.
Who knows? Maybe C3 will do us a solid and find some other kind of cool act to fill in the slot.
Kind of ironic that the Beasties cancelled on the same day that the schedule for this year was released. I guess they might be reworking that a bit (someone who's already on the schedule will most likely get bumped up to a headliner slot, I would guess).


The Pope said...

Bummer about the B-boys. Sounds like they caught this early. Salivary gland cancers are fairly rare.

They are pretty solid live. Although the last times I saw them were the '94Lollapalooza and the '92 Palmer Auditorium show they played with L7(remember them?!?!) Back when I could stand in the "moshpit" with the young turks

Did you know they coined the term "mullet"?

If you go to ACL, I *strongly* advise you to check out Andrew Bird. I'm going to see the guy at the Ryman in October, 3rd time. He plays violin and guitar, sings and whistles. He would have been great on vaudeville. If anybody wants some of his tunes, let me know.

And Springsteen is playing Nashville in September. Again. Bad. Ass.

J.S. said...

I saw Andrew Bird at ACL Fest a few years back, but I didn't really know anything about him at the time. Looking forward to seeing him again now that I've listened to his music a little more.

Anonymous said...

Now that you're working in mental health aren't you more sensitive to the fact that acute anxiety is an illness that might be just as (or more) debilitating to performing than cancer or are you now qualified to see clearly that Ms. White was malingering?

Your smart ass friend, Killer K

J.S. said...

I'm qualified to spot someone who doesn't want to admit that she's actually going through rehab.