Friday, July 10, 2009

Moment for Jeff, Not Sure About The Mentalist,

Hi guys. Hope everyone has been doing okay.

It's been three years ago today that Jeff Wilson passed away. Just want to take a moment out for remembering Jeff, Mandy, Don, Jajuan, Diana, and everyone else who misses Jeff. I was thinking about Jeff last night as I was taking a walk. Life has been very different without having him around, and I still miss him a whole lot.
Anyway, just wanted to take a moment out for Jeff today.

I really don't have a whole lot to report. Jamie made veggie enchiladas last night, and they were muy bueno. I also ended up watching So You Think You Can Dance?, which isn't exactly my thing, but... I mentioned the homemade enchiladas, right?
Like I said, not a lot to report.
Has anyone else watched any episodes of The Mentalist? I'm not exacly sure what to make of this show, and yet I find myself watching it...
The show is basically about this guy who used to be a sort of con artist/hypnotist/psychic/fortune teller/magician sort of dude, but his family (I think his wife and kid, maybe?) get killed, and he ends up working as a consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (who help out local law enforcement with major crimes).
The show is pretty formulaic, and with the basic story arcs being pretty conventional (i.e., murder of the week- connect the dots between dead bodies at the beginning of each episode to grateful citizens thanking our protagonists for a job well done at the end), but the whole show is primarily focused upon Patrick Jane, the titular Mentalist, who is played by Simon Baker, and I find this particular character to be sort of compelling.
Jane employs a combination of applied psychology, deductive reasoning, intuition, manipulation, and honest conversation in assisting with investigations. Anyway, like I said, the sort of lamer, more contrived part of the show is its "murder of the week" style format, but the character of Patrick Jane is interesting and multi-layered, and Baker does a good enough job of playing him that I've ended up watching far more episodes of this show than I ever would have expected (I think I've seen or 5 or 6 episodes at this point).
Incidentally, the show also features Tim Kang, whom I've also come to really like. He does a good job of playing a sort of dry, deadpan detective named Kimball Cho. I think Kang is an up and comer. If I were a director, I'd put him in my stuff.
Anyway, 'nuff said about The Mentalist. Not the best show ever, really, but I can't seem to stop watching it.

Well, the fact that I just wrote about The Mentalist is actually a pretty strong indication that I don't have much to say today. Maybe more will come to me later.
Maybe not.
Have a good weekend, anyway.

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