Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey, guys! Well, yes, Costa Rica was really great and beautiful, and we had a really nice time. If anything, the trip was too short, and I could have happily stayed down there for another few days or a week. Roundball was a fairly pleasant travel companion, and we only got into two or three arguments that degenerated into full-blown knife fights. Anyway, I'm back in the regular swing of things now that I'm home, and the trip will soon become some kind of hazy, dream-like memory.

In what's sure to be a sign that the end times are, in fact, near, apparently Condoleeza Rice was seen hanging out with members of the rock band KISS in Stockholm, Sweden, this week after finishing up a dinner with the Swedish foreign minister. Frankly, I'm struck speechless by this distasteful, shocking turn of events. What kind of image are we, as Americans, portraying for the world by allowing Rice to be seen hanging out in public with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons? After all, these are legendary rockers who have a reputation and credibility to maintain...

Here's something kind of interesting. David Byrne, singer, rocker, and former Talking Heads frontman (who, incidentally, will be playing at ACL Fest in September), has apparently been recently engaged with an art project involving the fusion of a Weaver pump organ as attached to various features of the Battery Maritime Building in Manhatten. The pump organ has been outfitted with air hoses, magnetic knockers, and the like, which in turn blow across, knock on, and otherwise interact with the girders, pipes, and other features of the building in order to make sounds. The art project is meant to make a sort of musical instrument out of the 99 year old ferry terminal, and is entitled "Playing the Building". Pretty cool. I look forward to seeing Byrne again in September.

Well, I guess that's about it. The trip was great, but it really is nice to be back in Austin. I really dig this town.


The League said...

I read the Newsweek article on Byrne's new project, and I know I'm likely to give Byrne the benefit of the doubt, but I thought the video did a great job of showing how cool this project is.

Alas, too bad I will not be in NYC to see the thing in person.

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, Magnetic Knockers.....(in my best Homer Simpson voice)