Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Well, today is especially busy, so the blogging will be especially light. Hope you guys are having a good one.


Anonymous said...

So I tried to take my lovely wife to the Radiohead concert for Mother's Day at the Nissan Pavilion in Bristow VA (outside DC) Neither of us had ever seen the band live before, and besides maybe Springsteen, Radiohead is her favorite band.

We ended up driving around the venue for 3 hours because the parking lot was flooded, and never got to see the show. 4 tickets at $60 each down the tubes.


Apparently this is par for the course for the Nissan Pavilion.
If anybody out there is thinking about attending a show at Nissan, strongly reconsider.
And Radiohead was billing this as an environmentally conscious tour...yet they play a venue 45 minutes outside a major city, where everybody ahs to drive and waste gas circling the parking lot.
The blame is on the venue, of course, but it seems pretty two-faced for the band.

As much as I love Radiohead, it will be a long long time before I listen to them again. And I doubt I will go out of my way to try to attend a show again.

J.S. said...

Ahhh, Pope. See, what you're failing to take into account is the fact that, despite your nickname, God hates you (or wait... maybe it's because of the nickname). He woulda done the whole "rain for 40 days and 40 nights" thing, but he's been kind of busy with the typhoon in Mynamar and the earthquake in China, so instead he just sent enough water to f*ck up your attempt to see Radiohead.

Well, that really does suck. I'm sure a bunch of other people didn't get in, either. You should all demand your money back (threaten lawsuit) on the grounds that the venue obviously didn't have proper drainage, and it caused you to miss the concert.

I'm supposed to see Radiohead this weekend in Houston. Hope things go better.