Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hey. I think I need a bit of a break or slowdown from the blogging again today. The thing about blogging (at least for me) isn't that the writing is all that hard. The thing that makes it sort of difficult sometimes is that when I'm just not in the mood to blog (or when I'm just having a bad day) I still feel the need to try to be relatively upbeat (well, maybe upbeat is the wrong word, but I try to avoid sounding like a depressing lump, anyway), or at least I feel the need to try to be somewhat entertaining with the blog entries. This can be tiring, and it doesn't make for very honest writing, but sometimes I do it anyway.

All of this to say that I just need a break.
I hope you guys are doing okay out there.


Anonymous said...

hey wait I like to know where you dine out, you have good suggestions and reviews, kinda Zagatsteanso of Austin! rc

Anonymous said...

Just blog away. We gave up on it being entertaining a long time ago. Friends like to check up on other friends, thats what blogging is all about. It's the honesty and openness of it all that I think people like reading. We can't sit down and have a beer with you and hear why "____" is pissing you off and bringing you down, or "____" has got you feeling blue, so we engage in the virtual friendship behind dueling keyboards. It's not ideal, but sometimes its all we have time for (which is a shame in of itself)

The League said...

silence pervades here
What did he eat for dinner?
Nothing to blog on

Anonymous said...

you left me a comment once that you'd like to read a raging angry/crazy fearful post from me.

i want to read your downbeat moods. they are more interesting than an incongruent upbeat tone. they are more revealing than nothing.

J.S. said...

See, this is why it's hard to take a break from blogging. Thanks for the encouragement (and the haiku, I guess), but sometimes a break is just the right thing to do (I'm probably better off just skipping a few entries without saying anything- people seem less inclined to notice that)