Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs as they advance to the Western Conference Finals, advancing in game 7 past the New Orleans Hornets. The Spurs started off this series by going down two games, but they've had a lot of experience in the playoffs, and they managed to battle their way back to a win. Lots of people here in Austin seem to tend to cheer for the Mavericks over the Spurs, but I've got to stick with my boys. They play good, solid, fundamental basketball, and they're one of the best things that the City of San Antonio has going for it (my beloved alma mater, Trinity University, notwithstanding).

Apparently Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor. That's a real bummer. Being at the age that I'm at, John and Robert Kennedy were both out of the picture before I was ever really old enough to understand who the Kennedys were, and "John John" (i.e., John F. Kennedy, Jr.) never really seemed very impressive (my basic understanding of the man was that he failed the bar exam a bunch of times, but that women found him attractive. Eventually his family connections managed to land him a figurehead position with a political magazine). Anyway, Ted Kennedy has always been the real face of Kennedy political power during my lifetime, and as far as I've been concerned, he's always seemed to lend a sort of gravitas to his position as a senator (setting aside a few jokes about his fondness for booze), and has fought hard for the ideals and positions of the Democratic party (and for what's right for the country, as a whole). Anyway, I wish him well and hope he comes out alright following these health problems.

Well, that's not mcuh, but that's about it for today. Unless I think of something else. We'll see.

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Anonymous said...

Teddy has a glioblastoma.
That's baaaaaad news. One of the most aggressive and nastiest cancers around.

My fist trip, when I was a few months old and in Providence RI, was to the Kennedy compound with Grandma Palka. She loved the Kennedys.