Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What a day. This morning was a hectic, chaotic, migraine-inducing mess in court. Believing that I would be in trial by this afternoon, I scarfed down a sandwhich for lunch over at the courthouse, but then the attorney for the defense showed up after lunch and said that he was feeling like he was coming down with the flu, so he asked for a continuance and the judge reset the case.
So now I'm not in trial, but I still feel like pretty worn out just from dealing with the morning docket. The ladies and I had 54 defendants on the docket this morning, which is by no means a record, although it's still a lot of cases to deal with (especially when the defendants and their attorneys all show up late because of bad weather).

It's good to see that the judges over at the U.S. Supreme Court are wasting no time in taking on the abortion issue now that they've got Alito and Roberts on the bench. Apparently their plan of attack is to be incremental- first examining the legality of partial birth abortions before (I suspect) moving on to tackle more fundamental, commonplace abortion rights. Hmmmmm...
Steanso isn't a big fan of abortion (I would guess that most people aren't, if given their druthers), but Steanso is in firm agreement with the ideas that women should have a right to do whatever they please with their bodies and that government shouldn't have the ability to contravene this right.
Ugggh. The abortion debate. I hate it and now it's back.

Not too much else to report. The weekend was good. Mono E and Crack both rocked. Game night was good. We played a game called "Loaded Question", and the answer to a surprising number of questions, as it turns out, is "Greg Wormley".

I'm reading V for Vendetta again in anticipation of the release of the movie. It's still a good book- a graphic novel chock full of anti-fascist sentiment, revolutionary adventure, and a hint of sci-fi. Check it out, because if the movie sucks, it'll be a shame if a bunch of people get scared away from the book.

Later, skaters.


The League said...

Two items:

1) I've got a copy of V for Vendetta I'd be willing to mail at no cost to whomever wants it. (I just picked it up in hardback and want the shelfspace)

2) Being a college campus where I work, we're a bastion of free speech. Thus, we currently have people standing in our mall with megaphones and 20 foot standees featuring photos of aborted fetuses (fetii?). Meanwhile folks on the other end of the political spectrum have their own microphones and are shotuing at them. Now THAT'S what I call political discourse.

What I'd like to hear at some point is what the vision of the world would be for each group.

Steanso said...

I want your V for Vendetta! Right now I'm borrowing Wilson's copy, but it's definitely worth owning.

The League said...

Sorry, folks. Steanso get the copy. I think Mom wants for you to come to PHX in March. You can have it when you show.

Also, did you get my box yet?