Wednesday, February 08, 2006

First of all, since I often miss it or wish it belatedly, let me go ahead and wish Larry Lee Thweatt a happy birthday even though his birthday isn't really until tomorrow, the 9th. Happy birthday, LT! (this way if things get hectic tomorrow I'm already covered) Hope you have a great birthday, and a great upcoming year!
What else....?
Not much, I guess. Crack had practice last night and things went well. We rocketed through a few of our Crack standards and worked on some riffs for new songs. Special Friend Gary Meyer was in attendance and brought some new hooks for us to work on. Weedo showed up and he and Sig got into some kind of hypertechnical analysis of the Superbowl which all of the rest of us immediately tuned out.
Well, I got lots to do and not a lot of items which are crying out for blog commentary, so I'll keep it brief.
Hope everyone's hanging in there.


The League said...

Happy birthday, Larry Lee. It seems like just yesterday you seemed so much older than me because you were in 6th grade and I was in 4th.

Have some cake.

Cobra Kai Dojo said...

What grade are you in now, Ryan?


The League said...

I think I must be now in 24th or 25th grade. But this is all about Lee, who is now in 27th grade.