Sunday, February 05, 2006

Betty Friedan, feminist author, leader, and activist, died Saturday from heart failure. Friedan, in her activism and through her 1963 book, "The Feminine Mystique", pushed for equal pay for women, maternity leave, child care for working mothers, legal abortion, and other feminist issues. She helped found and was the first president of the National Organization for Women, and spent much of her later life working on other human rights issues aside from feminism (such as ageism, family issues, and economic empowerment).
Friedan's death, combined with the death of Coretta Scott King (civil rights activist and widow of the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.) earlier last week, means that we have lost two great women in one week who were central to the struggle for civil rights. The Adventures salutes both women for their work in securing human rights and their contributions to American society.

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