Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, today is officially Pea Day! Happy birthday, Mandy Wilson!!!!
Congratulations on all of your succesful trips around the sun, and may your future hold many more adventures with happy endings!

The weekend was pretty nice. I hung out with the Wilsons and went to see The Matador on Friday at the Alamo Drafthouse. I was initially skeptical when going in to see this movie (I wanted to go see Good Night and Good Luck, so I threatened Crackbass with an ass kicking if The Matador turned out to be sucky), but upon the recommendation of Jackbart we went to see it, anyway, and it turned out to be pretty good. In short, The Matador is the story of an assassin who goes through something of a mid-life crisis while celebrating a birthday during a mission in Mexico City. The assassin (played by Pierce Brosnan) comes to realize that the life of a solitary killer has largely robbed his life of meaning, and in an act of semi-pathetic desperation, he reaches out to an American executive (played by Greg Kinnear) in the hopes of striking up a friendship. The movie isn't really great in any profound, literary way, but it develops into a good buddy movie that takes potentially stereotypical characters and fleshes them out with quirks and idiosyncracies that not only make them more believable as people, but which make you more interested in where the plot is headed. Anyway, I enjoyed The Matador. It was one of the only movies that I've seen in recent memory in which I actually felt like I sort of liked and related to the characters by the end of the movie. Not groundbreaking, but I recommend it.

After dinner we had a cocktail or two and hung out by the pond at Casa de Wilson.

Saturday.... I'm not sure where Saturday went. I had breakfast with the Wilsons after failing to wake up in time to have breakfast with Larry Lee (I felt like kind of a heel for that, but he went to breakfast early and I went to bed really late). So later (much later) I had breakfast with the Wilsons, watched a movie (Doom on DVD- note: this is a pretty awful movie. It's really not for amateurs), went to the store, played some videogames, took a nap, and ultimately went over to Camp Shaw to watch a bunch of Battlestar Galactica episodes.

I gotta say that B. G. is still a pretty darn good show. I know that there are naysayers out there who get tired of hearing about what they're missing, but it really is a good show. I read an interview with Katee Sackhoff (who plays Starbuck), and she said that she thinks the show has been popular because the writers approach the show as a drama first and as a work of science fiction second. I would have to agree with that assessment. The various Star Trek series always ended up recycling plotlines because they were caught in a science fiction mindset (how many ways we can we see time travel episodes rehashed, or omnipotent aliens placing humans in a trap in order to study them, etc.). Battlestar has managed to avoid a lot of that by having an ongoing, developing storyline which deals with universal human themes (security vs. freedom, religion vs. logic, legality vs. morality, the demonization of outsiders, etc.). Characters make mistakes on Battlestar and demonstrate flaws which take more than one episode to resolve.
Also, there are cool spaceships and lot of stuff gets blown up. Let's not kid ourselves. Space battles are cool.

Sunday I took Cassidy to the dog park, had band practice, and looked at some of my court cases that were set for trial for today (none of which ended up going to trial. Again.) I also watched a "documentary" on Google video called Loose Change (I watched the first edition before realizing that there was, in fact, a second edition which is already out). This video outlines a conspiracy theory surrounding 9/11 in which it is suggested that individuals within our own government plotted and executed a plan to hijack planes and attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The movie is the stuff of classic conspiracy theory- spouting out facts mixed with allegations and conjecture and implying connections between events where no solid evidence exists. Numerous quotes and events are depicted as fact, when in truth they seem largely open to speculation, interpretation, or differences of opinion), and some of the claims in the video just seem to be flat out wrong (one portion of the video contends that the only way to account for the pancake collapse of the Twin Towers is a controlled demolition using previously set charges, but I watched a documentary on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel not six months ago that explained, step by step, how the mechanical structure of the WTC's frame had failed after exposure to extreme heat and concussive force following the collision of the planes).
Anyway, I find the idea of a 9/11 conspiracy to be pretty far fetched, but I'm not going to rule it out completely. I am willing to say that I don't think Loose Change provides anything more than a lot of allegations, speculation, and inuendo. If anyone knows of a web site, book, or article which has done a critical analysis of the Loose Change documentary, I would like to see what someone else made of this film (preferably, I would like to see a review of the movie from someone who isn't already a "conspiracy nut" in order to see an objective, logical evaluation of the movie).

Well, I'm rambling terribly today. Hope everything is good. I gotta run. Check out Loose Change (or LC II) on the sites that I linked and let me know what you think of it.


JMD said...

Doom = Not Worth Renting?

Steanso said...

It's difficult to believe, Jim, but it's true. If you want an explanation on why I would rent Doom in the first place, you should probably ask Roundball.

The League said...

Roundball (aka: Steanso's better looking but less successful sibling) here.

I have not seen Doom. And God help the soul of the man who has chosen to slog through this movie.

Sometimes a videogame is just a video game.