Friday, February 24, 2006

Well, Crackbass has survived his lasik surgery and is apparently still able to see. This is good for Crackbass, but a gyp for me because it means that I won't be getting any of his comic books or DVDs. Stupid working corneas.
New Orleans is partying its way through its first Mardi Gras since Hurricane Katrina. Although it's gotta seem kind of weird (parades can't be held in many of the old parade routes around the city due to the flood devastation and subsequent reconstruction efforts), I'm glad to see the town trying to raise itself back onto its feet (so that it can stagger away and throw up in some dumpster, no doubt). There has been debate about whether it's just too soon to hold a traditional Mardi Gras, but Steanso thinks that the celebration is a good thing. It'll give the city an economic boost, help return some semblance of normality, and reassure tourists that there are still good times to be had in the recovering city.
Although Steanso has visited New Orleans a number of times, he's never been to Mardi Gras. The city always seemed plenty chaotic and crazy during non-Mardi gras visits, so the idea of ramping up the revelry tenfold was a bit daunting. Nonetheless, I hope this Mardi Gras goes really well.
Well, it's Friday. I hope you kids have a good weekend. Everyone wish Mandy "The Pea" Wilson a happy birthday on Monday! She's a good hearted woman in love with a good timing man...

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Pea...I am sure that husband of yours will make it a special day for you (although I imagine that every day is special with Jeff!)/dk