Friday, February 03, 2006

Here's a guest rant from Steanso contributor Larry Lee Thweatt. Read and enjoy:

Listen to this. Tom DeLay at his predictable worst, opposing ethics reformsponsored by a Republican colleague this week in Congress. temerity of this man accusing ethics reform proponents of"isolationism", engaging in the "politics of personal destruction" and"character assassination" in the wake of Black Jack Ambramoff's GUILTY plea,Representative Randy "Duke" Cunningham's GUILTY plea, and let's not forget,DeLay's thrice repeated admonishment from his peers in Congress, on top ofhis own felony indictment, is remarkable. Sadly, it is also altogetherunsurprising. Nick Lampson is neck and neck with DeLay in fundraising rightnow, an accomplishment in and of itself given DeLay's former fund-raisingprowess. Certainly DeLay has been weakened by the foreseeable results ofhis own hubris, and ironically, by his own redistricting effort which hasstrengthened the Democratic voting presence in DeLay's newly drawn district.Nonetheless, let's give props where props are due: Lampson is running onehell of a campaign right now. The money is even now, the polling isactually leaning slightly in favor of Lampson, and if the winds continueblowing this direction, Tom DeLay will be back in the pesticide businesscome November 5, 2006. Better yet, the sumbitch will be funding an appealof his Travis County conviction.Larry Lee

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