Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, the beach bender weekend is only a day away, so I thought I best get my affairs in order in case I don't make it back. Seriously. Write this down.
I hereby bequeath all of my music equipment, crappy and otherwise, to Eric Gottula because he's one hell of a rocker and he's never met a piece of music equipment that he couldn't find a use for (I would leave some stuff to Weedo, but he'd never learn to play it and it would just die a slow, dusty death in the back room of his house). I leave Cassidy to my brother because he loves dogs more than he loves people and I know Cassidy would do a fine job of getting Mel and Lucy whipped into shape. I leave Hobbs to Heather Shaw because she's the only person I know who loves animals enough and has a big enough heart to take in a geriatric ferret. My house is mostly owned by the bank, but I'd leave it to Jennifer Kraber, if she wants to take it over. Having grown up in New York City with no back yard, but knowing that she loves the gardening and plants and whatnot, I think she'd appreciate a place to plant some things and watch them grow. I'd leave my CDs, DVDs, records, books, and liquor to Wilson, because that's the kind of guy he is, and to Weedo I leave.... uh, well, Weedo knows what he's getting from the Steanso estate. Keep your head down, keep moving, and never let 'em take you alive, Weedo.
That's about it. Don't much care who gets the rest of the stuff. Andy probably needs some furniture, but then again, Kraber might need it for the new house.
The most important thing to remember is that Steanso is leaving a strict DO NOT RESUSCITATE order in the case of brain death by way of alcohol and/or sun poisoning or drowning, which means I want the plug pulled, unless one of my friends can find some way to force the state to keep me on life support indefinitely at goverment expense. If that's the case, I want to be kept on life support and keep racking up expensive medical bills to be charged to the government for as long as possible. That's to get back at Uncle Sam for screwing me on my taxes this past year. Bastards.
In world news, this can't be good:
So while we're busy waging war in Iraq, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man accused of being a terrorist who held 52 people captive for over a year, has ascended to the role of president in Iran. Wow. Talk about dropping the ball in the whole "war on terrorism" thing. There now appears to be a possible middle eastern leader who actually does "hate our freedom" and "hate our democracy" and the White House and U.S. intelligence services were so effective that they not only missed the fact that the man had reappeared on the global radar, but also the fact that he was rising to the role of president in a country which not only has a very strong anti-American bias, but which may also be developing nuclear weapon capabilities.
Golly, George. Here's a country which may have all the makings of a genuine terrorist nation state (i.e., a country which seems willing and able to carry out state-sponsored terrorist strikes), and all of our troops are wandering around Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction and securing democracy for the Iraqi people so that they can vote their favorite radical clerics into power.
Yeesh. Is it time for vacation yet?

And one last item sent to me by Jim "Toots" Gillespie, which I found particularly disturbing:
Floating POW camps for disappeared prisoners? I really, really hope this isn't true, because if the U.S. feels the need to be this secretive about these detention centers, God only knows what our forces are doing to these prisoners. Thanks for the link, Jim.

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