Thursday, June 02, 2005

Wow. Terrible day. Virtually no time for blogging. Given some recent posts, I do want to reiterate, as I said to Rami in the comments section, that I hope that everyone keeps in mind that the Adventures of Steanso are just for stupid fun, and any teasing that goes on here is meant to be taken in that spirit. When Steanso likes people he teases them. When he doesn't like people, he pretty much just ignores them. So join the Steanso extended family and relax- all of this smartass sound and fury is just meant to entertain us on this little dirt ball, rolling 'round the sun....
By the way, any negative comments about George Bush are not meant to be taken as teasing, and are instead meant to demean him with whatever little bit of might that Steanso can muster.

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