Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hey. Steanso had to go to Williamson County today to work on a case, so you guys are probably gonna get the short end of the blogging stick today.

I had a lovely lunch with Kim Bloom, D.K., and Liz today. D.K., Liz, and I are supposed to go to a baseball game next weekend down in Houston, so I'm trying to get that squared away with them while still leaving enough time for me to go to the McCrimmon party.

Man, I'm sorry, but the phone keeps ringing for me and the work keeps piling up. If Steanso wants to get out of here at a respectable hour, he's gonna have to cut this short.

Via con dios, mi amigos!

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The League said...

You call that a post? C'mon! I can't make it through my day without reading your booze-fueled ramblings.

I expect better out of you, sir. I expect better.