Monday, June 13, 2005

Howdy, guys. Steanso did very little with his weekend. Cassidy got to go to the dog park, and Chris Griego rolled down to South Austin from Round Rock to watch a couple of movies and drink some beer. Last night I had a steak dinner with the Wilsons, and despite a somewhat catastrophic blaze on the Wilson's new grill, dinner was yummy and enjoyed by all.

Having watched the Michael Keaton movie, White Noise, Steanso was reminded of the fact that his own house, the infamous Hop-a-Long Lounge, has been rumored to be haunted by the ghost of the previous owner's grandmother, who died in the house. Well, I'm not sure if the ghost left with the prior owners or if she's just been quiet of late, but Steanso has seen very little in the way of any real haunting since moving in (admittedly, somewhat to Steanso's disappointment). Instead, the Hop-a-Long Lounge remains a fairly happy, sunny place where people stop by to have beers, relax, play with the three-legged wondermutt, and hide from the world for awhile. If you're ever in the neighborhood, drop on by for a visit. The door is always open and you're welcome to whatever beer is in the fridge. I've got some good albums on vinyl, and I'm always up for shootin the shit.

Well, our governor has been busy.
Apparently Rick Perry is so desperate to develop a political base that he's lending his signature and endorsement to a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions, even though the proposed amendment in no way requires his signature or approval at this juncture. When asked a question about gay veterans who might want to marry upon returning from Iraq, Perry responded that, "If there is some other state that has a more lenient view than Texas, then maybe that's a better place for them to live.”
The real truth behind these statements is that Perry is attempting to shore up his political base amongst the conservative, Christian right in the face of the increasing popularity of Kay Bailey Hutchison, a Republican U.S. Senator and possible candidate for Texas governor in the next election.
The whole thing is ridiculous. To be honest, working at the Travis County courthouse, I have worked with and around a number of people (lawyers and otherwise) who have worked at the state capitol, and rumors have persisted for years that Rick Perry, in fact, is a homosexual and that his marriage to his wife was nothing more than a sham to create political deniability for the governor. I'm not saying that these rumors are true, but what better way to convince the Christian right that the rumors of Perry's alleged homosexuality are unfounded than to come out swinging against the homosexual population of Texas by endorsing an anti-gay constitutional amendment?
And speaking of which, do we really need to amend our state constitution just to single out and punish people because of their sexual orientation? And as for telling homosexuals that they need to find a more lenient place to live, I think Perry needs to just screw off. I'm sure he'd be happy if every liberal or every person who shared a different viewpoint than his biggoted, fascist mindset left Texas, but there are still a few good people here, Ricky, and we ain't handing the state over without a fight. I'd rather live in a neighborhood full of conscientious gay people than have to call a single prejudiced, right-wing bigot my neighbor. Man, I'm not even gay, and this stuff still gets me so fired up that I could punch this idiot in the nose. Any time a politician is willing to sell out the human rights and dignity of other people just to meet his own personal and political agenda, I think it's time to send him packing.
Anyway, I've said it a million times, but it's about time that we got back to making the Democratic Party the populist, labor-oriented party that it was always meant to be, and take control away from the big-money corporate fat cats who hold power and continually try to drive divisions between us and shovel shit down our throats under the guise of "self reliance" (while the "self reliant" wealthy reap the benefits of capital gains taxes, the abolition of estate taxes, the refusal to raise minimum wage, and the refusal to impose penalties for the outsourcing of American jobs overseas).

Oooops. Tempus fugit. I gots to get out of here.

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