Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hey, guys.
Long, long morning in court. The stupid D.A.'s office wants to put one of my court-appointed, mentally disabled clients in prison for 3 years because he thought it would be funny to sell a pebble to an undercover cop for $20 under the premise that it was crack cocaine. My guy has been in a lot of legal trouble in the past, and, admittedly, screwing around with undercover cops is a bad idea, but my guy has HIV and he's mentally retarded (which doesn't exactly help with his decision making processes). Anyway, I think I talked the judge into dumping my guy's sentence down to 6 months, but my guy is still pretty confused about how he can get jail time for selling a pebble, and I'm not much help because I think it's completely insane, myself (techincally, it's indicted as Distribution of a Simulated Controlled Substance). We could probably win a trial on the issue of whether or not my guy truly represented to these cops that the pebble was real crack, but if we lose (say, if the jury just doesn't like the fact that my guy was jacking with cops), my guy could get habitualized and face a minimum of 25 years in prison. Ugggh. Like I said- long morning.
Karen "The Karebear" Steans wrapped up her stay at my house this morning, so life will slowly return to normal at the Hop-a-Long Lounge.
I don't really feel up to a big rant today, but, of course, I'm annoyed that Bush is making such a big push to renew the Patriot Act.
The Patriot Act allows the government to do such fun-filled activities as raiding our homes and tapping our communications lines without giving us notice and without many of the traditional safeguards against invasion of privacy such as the need to get a warrant by way of a showing of probable cause in front of a judge. Bush claims the Patriot Act needs to be renewed in order to keep America safe, but meanwhile, he refuses to provide additional funding to protect our borders or to more aggressively pursue illegal aliens who have crossed into our country and who are living here without documentation. At the very least, if the Patriot Act is renewed (and, sadly, I think it will be), I think its name should be changed to "The Nation of Fear Act" or "The Big Brother Act", in order to more accurately reflect its true purpose.
What else? Not much. I thought I was coming down with a cold yesterday and last night, but Karebear got me some Zicam and orange juice, and I feel much better today (although I was looking up how to spell Zicam just now on the net, and it appears that there are lawsuits pending against Zicam, supposedly for causing loss of smelling ability- oh well, I can't smell much anyway with all of my blasted allergies).
I also watched The Daily Show last night, and Colin Powell was on, being interviewed by John Stewart. Why, oh why couldn't the Republicans have run Powell for president instead of that village idiot who's in office now. I may not agree with all of the Powell's politics, but at least he's a smart, well-spoken man who has some common sense and is able to articulate his positions in a way that makes you want to try to understand his point of view instead of wanting to stab him in the eye with a fork. I think putting someone like Powell in office could have gone a long way toward uniting the country, because, even though he's Republican, I genuinely believe that he actually has the country's best interests at heart (in contrast to Bush, who seems primarily motivated by protecting only the interests of America's wealthiest upper class). Also, Powell seems to recognize that there may be some value in maintaining relationships with the global community, an idea which Bush almost scoffs at.
OK, I gots to get back to work. Peace out, ya'll!

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