Monday, June 20, 2005

Hey. Well, it's past five o'clock and I just got back from court after doing discovery and covering the dockets all day. Needless to say, this is gonna be a short one.
The weekend was ok. Had drinks on Friday with the Wilson, Sensat, Reid team, and a heron showed up in the middle of our late night drinking and tried to get some fish out of the Wilson pond. We shooed that heron away, but I bet he'll be back. Dive deep, little fishies. Dive deep.
Saturday I saw Batman Begins again with Weedo and Griegor, and it was equally good the second time around. Sunday I had band practice with the Mono E, and we rocked pretty hard, covering Communication Breakdown by Zep as well as a Cream song or two and the obligatory AC/DC cover. Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there, and I hope my own pops is having a good one. I only got to talk to him briefly yesterday b/c we were both busy, but I'll call and talk to him later in the week.
And in a truly mini rant (I know I always say they'll be short and they never are):
The CIA maintains that it knows where Bin Laden is, but that it can't get to him because there are "weak links in the war on terror", presumably meaning that there are countires that don't want to let the U.S. within their borders to hunt down terrorists. My bet is that this quasi-mysterious reference is to Pakistan, but whatever the country, wouldn't it be easier to get help in hunting down terrorists if we hadn't lied to the entire Arab world about weapons of mass destruction as our justification for invading Iraq before invading and then taking over one of their most notorious prisons and then using it to torture Iraqi troops? (of course, Guantanamo ain't helping much, either) Anyway, just a mini rant. When it comes to the Bush team and foreign policy, you reap what you sow...

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