Friday, June 17, 2005

Had a good lunch with Kim, Jennifer, and Amy at Opal Divine's.
I still owe Crackbass money for a bunch of stuff, and since he's probably still a little sore about my recounting of "The Great Steak Tradgedy", I'll refrain from an outright accusation of Wilson torpedoing another Crack practice (although I hope you feel guilty, you Crack-hating sonofabitch).
My friend, Ray, showed up unexpectedly at my house last night with his wife, Lysette (sp?), after moving away to Conroe a couple of years ago. Ray is now teaching fourth grade after a somewhat extensive "unemployment career", during which time he did things like travelling around Mexico trading beads and whiskey with the Mexican locals for folk art, bringing the art back to Texas, and then selling it to the white man at prices that lend themselves to concepts like "exploitation".
Anyhoo, Ray came by last night and we drank beer and watched the Spurs get the snot beat out of them by the Pistons. Stupid Spurs. Crackbass also stopped by to watch the end of the game and to meet Ray.
Just this little political rant today.
The Bush's threw themselves behind the Terry Schiavo cause, supporting the Schiavo family in claiming that it would be immoral and inhumane to take Terri off of her feeding tube, theoretically because she might still be conscious, despite outward signs, and because her family (who were in my, in my mind, way too emotional to apply any kind of objective, rational logic to the situation) claimed that they had been interacting with her and could see clear signs of cognition and coherence in her eyes. Plus, according to Bush doctrine, Jesus doesn't want brain dead people to die in peace. He wants them to suffer on without dignity or grace so that their families can continue to suffer in grief-stricken turmoil, clinging to the impossible belief that their loved one will make a miraculously recovery, even when such an event is, in fact, medically impossible. According to Bush, only God can decide when it's time for someone to die. Problem was, for Terri, that God had decided it was time for her to die years ago, but a bunch of well-intentioned and bereaved humans had overruled his decision and really screwed the whole situation up.
So the courts ruled and Bush threatened to try to intervene (but ultimately did not) and in the end, for better or worse, the feeding tube was removed and Terri died. Terri's husband, who had been the proponent of removing his wife's feeding tube from the outset, said that he was content in the belief that his wife had died in peace. The rest of Terri's family gnashed their teeth and cried because their daughter, whom they claimed to have been communicating with for years, had finally left them.
Then the autopsy results came back. Schiavo's brain had been shrunken to half of its normal size before her death, with her vision and critical thinking areas completely destroyed. The woman was, in medical terms, a complete vegetable with no chance for a recovery. She could move her eyes and make some motions, but she definitely had no sense of vision, and in all likelihood was not capable of forming a coherent thought.
But the Bush's won't let this defeat go unavenged. Now it must have been Terri's husband's fault that she slipped into a coma in the first place. And instead of admitting that there was no way this woman could have recovered and it was time to let her go, the Bush clan is going to do it's old "switch the issue" trick and claim that they were only trying to stop Terri's husband from murdering her all along. (by the way, remember when the Bush's used the ol' "switch the issue" trick before? we thought we were looking for weapons of mass destruction and protecting America, but it turns out that we were just interested in freedom for the people of Iraq- we're real noble like that)
Anyhoo, Jeb Bush needs to just quit pandering to his conservative Christian constituents and let the whole thing go. Judging by the autopsy results, it looks like Terri's husband was right to let her die in peace.


CrackBass said...

nnooooooo. CrackBass has not torpedoed practice. that was done by one Sigmund McClay Bloom, who informed us on monday that he would be out of town this weekend. CrackBass, in order to avoid stroking it at home on Friday nite, made other plans. then Rusty T decided he would not leave town. Now, somehow it's CrackBass' fault. CrackBass has taken quite a beating in the polls this week, mainly due to this blog and its writer. CrackBass is getting tired of being the beaten horse ("THWACK!" take that you damn horse. - thats the sound of beating, in case you didnt know) sad and tired. hurt, sad and tired. angry, hurt, sad and tired. etc...Please, someone be nice to CrackBAss. He's had a shitty week.

The League said...

I've got a legal question, Mr. Lawyer.

At what point can Mr. Schiavo sue Jeb Bush for slander and/ or libel?

Because, seriously, that's exactly what I'd be doing if I were in his place. And as we all know, The League is not litigious.

J.S. said...

Well, you can sue someone any old time you like. Winning is trickier...
Anyway, I bet that ol' Jeb Bush will hide behind some kind of executive immunity that comes with his office (which is meant to protect government officials who prosecute wrongdoers from being sued as a means of retribution).