Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hey. Steanso is a bit tired today, and his moms, Karen "The Karebear" Steans will be in town to visit her brother in law, my uncle, who is in town visiting my cousin, Susan. Got all that? Well, it doesn't really matter, except to say that I'm tired, and now I may have to entertain tonight.

Last night Steanso had a delicious hamburger dinner with the Wilsons, and then we started to watch Hidalgo, but then I had to leave before it was over to go pick up the casa for the aforementioned visit from Karebear.

I also watched Samurai Jack last night.
I've probably mentioned it before, but Samurai Jack, for those not in the know, is an animated show on the Cartoon Network which has really cool stories, beautiful (although stylized) animation, and lots of action. It involves the story of Jack, a samurai warrior, who's father and homeland were enslaved by the evil demon, Aku. Jack nearly defeated Aku in his quest for revenge, but at the last moment, Aku cast a spell which threw Jack into the future, in a time when Aku rules the world and oppresses humanity through his army of countless evil robots. Trapped, Jack quests to return to his own time when he might defeat Aku once more and prevent the demon from taking over the entire world with his evil power.
Watching Samurai Jack is kind of like watching a really colorful fairy tale come to life. The show does an incredible job of telling stories in pictures, often using very little dialogue or narration, and the imaginations of the narrators run wild in coming up with both allies and enemies for Jack to encounter (everything from talking dogs to robot hit men to blind, zen archers have appeared on the first few episodes of the show).
So all of you adults go out and rent (or buy) Samurai Jack. It's cool, and it's funny, and it's not just for kids (although it's gotta be a pretty darn good show to watch with your kids if you have them).

Congrats to Reasonable Rosa on becoming court chief! Well done, Rosa. Hopefully this will go to your head so we can all chuckle along as you begin to mercilessly deride Trey Collins in front of defense attorneys, and slowly develop the other sorts of weird habits that court chiefs are prone to (napping in the office and talking on the phone while a room full of attorneys are waiting on you come to mind as favorites).

I think that's all for today. I'm busy and tired and feeling a wee bit uncreative.

"We were talking 'bout Fripp, Belew and Bowie,
And how in song strange things collide...."


CrackBass said...

are you allowed to quote yourself?

J.S. said...
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J.S. said...

Eric wrote that song, not me, so it doesn't count as quoting myself (unless I try to quote the bassline), but yes, I think it can only add a certain majesty to my speech if I quote myself. ;)