Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm not supposed to write about politics today. Crackbass says my blog site is too political, so I am looking for new topics.
Not sure what to write, though. I don't think I'm feeling up to it.


The League said...

Well, your first mistake was in listening to CrackBass.

If I were you, I'd be much more concerned about the fact that you all but identify your clients on a public webpage.

Anonymous said...

I suspect most of his clients don't do a lot of web surfing.

I think you should still do some political rants, but definitely not every day.

I'm a big fan of The League's recent blog subject:

Dames in the media that The League once dug

Maybe you could have a Steanso version. Did the League and Steanso dig the same media dames growing up together as brothers?

Either that or fall back on your interests. What were the albums or bands (even local ones) that had the most influence on you in regards to playing bass? What about your influences on guitar? Who inspired you to start playing the drums with Crack? I know one of the reasons you took up bass in late high school was because I had bought a drumset 6 months prior (or was it 3 or 9).

What are some of your favorite movies that you feel are the most underrated. Maybe they don't get the respect you feel they deserve.

I don't know. Maybe try to explain how this theory always seems to hold true (in fact, you were the one that I first heard this from sometime in '91 or '92 around graduation or shortly thereafter):

"You can run from Westwood, but you can't hide"

Anyone who has gone to Westwood knows this to be true, but I'm not sure how to explain it.

One final thought. You can make the plea for guest bloggers. Crackbass and Sigmund would be good choices. I would volunteer myself, but I've already committed to doing it for the League at some point when I get off my lazy ass.

That's all the ideas I have right now. You're on your own.

Ryan (The League), I like the picture you added to your blogger profile. There's nothing like Pepsi Holiday Spice to get that one of a kind picture.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kidzz-
Doktor Palka's been hitting the bourbon, and has cranked up the old school Echo & the Bunnymen on his fabulous new iTunes.....

Here's some music recs for those looking for new tunes:

Arcade Fire- debut album called "Funeral", which is kick arse. Top song; "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" which features the line "When Daddy comes home, you always pick a fight, so the neighbors can dance in the police lights...." Has a Pixies Go To Russia feel to it.
Buy this album.

Pulp- "This Is Hardcore"
Jarvis Cocker is a rawk gawd.

Tindersticks- "Can Our Love..."
Sadcore meets Motown for the most melancholy of grooves.

But really, check out Arcade Fire...

Sailing to sadder shores-
Palka MD

Anonymous said...

I agree with Crackbass and think you should spend more time writing about your Kramerish friends and less time writing about politics. By the way, since Crackbass and Gary are both Kramer, does this make me Elaine or George (I'd rather be Elaine, but am probably more like George)

Anonymous said...

This is my very first comment or reply to a blog. Don't get me wrong, I have known that blogs existed for awhile now, but just didn't really care to invest time into seeing what it was all about. In saying this I kind of feel like Lloyd Christmas (Dumb and Dumber) yelling out "we've landed on the Moon !!!" as I prepare to type my first comment to a blog, hardly new or novel. Anyway.

Although brand new to the blogging world, let me give you some potential topics that we will all find informative, thought provoking, and interesting. here are just a few off the top of my head:

-Why midgets are funny. I mean think about it, it is kind of low brow humor to laugh at/with little people, but we all do it. In fact the very word midget is funny. Go ahead, say it out loud.....I dare you not to laugh. You see, just said it and laughed. Now explain why. Go to and tell me why that is funny (and ingenious).

- Why do some people tend to look down on boob jobs. (Or if you feel saying boob jobs is beneath you "breast augmentation" or "plastic surgery of the chest"). We all have feelings on this one way or the other. Many tend to tab a woman who chooses this procedure as superficial, or one with poor self esteem, etc. How come LASIK surgery doesn't cast the same ire and contempt. At what point does one's desire to improve their own body become something outsiders feel they can label as a personality defect or weakness. Do woman who run or go to the gym 3 times a week for the purposes of maintaining a nice figure deserve the same criticism, or is it only woman who choose the "short cut" to physical desirability.

- Why have humans never taken time to domesticate the squirrel ? You could argue it is because they are hard to catch, but surely dogs and cats weren't easy either. Squirrels are warm and cuddly looking, which of course humans like. They would appear to be a low mainenance pet. Is it just because they are too close on the mammal ladder to the rat ?

- In an analysis of money spent vs. amount of fun to be had, what can compete with intertubing down the Guadalupe (or whatever slow moving river) with a cooler of beer and some good friends. You spend like 30 bucks for like 4 hours of floating and drinking, unless you have your own intertube in which case it's even cheaper. Seriously, very low preparation, very little energy expended, and yet an incredibly good time. What other things compete with that ? I'd love to hear some cultural examples since floating the river is a Texas (or southern) thing. I'd like to hear the argument made for ice fishing, although I doubt it's very strong.

Okay, that's a good start off the top of my head. I have hundreds of useless blog topics so if you need more, just ask.

And yes, The 'Wood (Westwood) is everywhere. Just when you think you're out....they pull you back in.

The League said...

As always, Peabo is filled with hair brained wisdom.

Apparently people tube here in Arizona, too. You just don't hear much about it. However, legend has it that one of the guys in the print shop at ASU makes extra money with a floating stripper show he's put together out of numerous tubes, plywood and a stereo which somehow stays afloat.

And speaking of breast augmentation, I guess the girls come with their own floaties.

Sigmund Bloom said...

i think you should talk about what a "beaumont 2nd date" consists of.

CrackBass said...

I said that? i dont remmeber saying it. but then again, on crack practice nights, there's a lot i dont remember. or dont want to remember (see "beaumont 2nd date" comment above