Thursday, February 24, 2005

Word. Not a lot of time for blogging today. Got to run out to Del Valle in a minute.

I need a new topic. I could opt for something along the lines of Ryan's, "Dames in the media who I once dug," or maybe, since that's already been done, I best try something else (a few obvious examples, nonetheless, would be Angie Harmon from Law and Order, Julie Newmar- who played Catwoman on the old Batman TV series, and, of course, both Pamela Hensley and Erin Grey who played Princess Ardala and Colonel Wilma Deering, respectively, on the old Buck Rogers TV show. Those last two women came to represent so many aspects of the good girl/bad girl, ying/yang relationship of my warped childhood mind that there's no telling what lingering effects they may have on my current psyche).

On a completely different note, the Palestinians have sworn in a new cabinet which will hopefully make one of its top priorities peace with Isreal. I find it ironic that the Palestinians, who are largely considered to be a backward, barbaric, violent people by many westerners (well, they have resorted to suicide bombings as a primary method of protest), have put a cabinet in place which is comprised largely (over half) by people with doctoral degrees (PhDs). God only knows what kind of changes would take place in our own country if we placed that much emphasis on education in our leadership. Although our president did graduate from the Ivy League, it seems like he only got there by nepotism, and people seem to praise his leadership for being "folksy" rather than discerning or intelligent. I hope these Palestinian cabinet dudes do some good work.

In other news, researchers have found evidence of prehistoric giant pandas which used to cohabitate with humans in ancient China. (
I believe that with the use of modern cloning technology, we can make these giant pets a reality again. I want one. Sign me up.

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