Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hey gang. What is up?
Another banner day today for Americans living under the careful guidance and leadership of the Bush administration. North Korea, claiming that the U.S. poses a threat to their country and their way of life, has admitted to having nuclear weapons in their possession and has walked away from talks regarding nuclear nonproliferation. Who could have seen this coming? Ummm... probably everyone.
We've known that the North Koreans have been experimenting with nuclear power for a long time, and we know that they are a paranoid, isolated country with a militaristic mindset.
Combine that with an American administration that tags North Korea as part of the "Axis of Evil" and then severs diplomatic relations with them, throw in an unjustified war against Iraq for good measure, and you've got the makings for a brand new cold war at the very least, and quite possibly a full blown military conflict. As if that weren't enough, we've got the Iranians rattling sabres at us following some tough talk from Condy Rice and the Bush gang about their nuclear weapons program. Meanwhile, the bulk of our military is tied up in occupying Iraq, a country which never had weapons of mass destruction in the first place. U.S.A.!!!!
Here's the thing. The Bush camp ain't so good at foreign policy. Their idea of foreign policy seems to be, "If you don't do things our way, we'll kick your ass." Negotiation and diplomacy are not their strong points. This strong arm mentality might have worked back in the 1950s, but nowadays I would say that a large number of countries are probably on the brink of gaining WMD, whether they be nuclear, chemical, or biological. It will become increasingly difficult to police the distribution of these weapons, and it will be almost impossible to keep an eye on them if we sever diplomatic relations. Furthermore, our moral standing in the world community has been terribly eroded by the Iraq war. We have misled the U.N. regarding WMDs, been caught red handed engaging in acts of torture at Abu Ghraib, held prisoners of war without fair trials (in violation of the Geneva Convention) at Guantanamo Bay, and now we are occupying a country for an indefinite period of time, when we supposedly came to liberate them.
In short, we need much better dialogue with other countries and less macho bullshit from our own administration. We need policies of inclusion which provide incentives for other nations to provide positive contributions within the global community. This isn't to say that we need to bribe other countries or buy them off- it means that we need to convince them that it's in their own best interest to get along with everyone else.
Once again my rambling monologue has gone on too long. There's a client here to see me.

Client is gone. Looking back on me previous writin', I fear that the ol' blog has become too political. I never used to obsess about politics, but then again, I didn't used to think that my country was slowly becoming evil.

Maybe I should comment instead upon the fact that I watched Python in its entirety last night (a feat which Jeff Wilson seemed to think that I would never accomplish). Python is a modern B movie with all of the trimmings, including B list celebrities like Will Wheaton, Jenny McCarthy, and Robert Englund. Throw in a few gratuitous boob shots and a giant, poorly animated reptile which eats people, and you've got yourself a hit. The movie scores a few points by playing some of its stereotypical characters against type, but it's basically just what you want it to be- stupid and funny. I, for one, eagerly await a viewing of Boa vs. Python at the Wilson house.

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