Monday, February 14, 2005

You ever have one of those weekends where you're pretty disgusted with yourself come Monday morning b/c you did absolutely nothing constructive with the free time you were looking forward to the entire week before? That's how I am today. I was a complete slug all weekend and scarcely ventured out of the house. I watched B movies and played video games and read a little, but mostly I just wasted time.
I didn't work on writing any songs or taking Cassidy to the dog park or practicing my drumming or working on writing the great American novel or reading any books or watching any films of great literary importance or even working on the yard. By Sunday evening, even the dog seemed to have succumbed to my fit of lethargy and seemed unwilling to move much.
I did have Crack practice on Sunday night, and that seemed to go pretty well. Hopefully Crackbass will soon make us some CDs to listen to of our recordings from the last two Crack practices.
It's pretty amazing listening to Crack's slow, but sure transformation into a real band. We are locking into discernible grooves now, and the members of Crack seem to be getting a real feel for their instruments.
Reed inquired as to what possessed me to play drums with Crack (along with a host of other topics), and the answer is simply that Crack needed a drummer, and I had a drumset in my house (albeit not my own). The general idea of Crack was to let some people play "music" who had never been in bands before, and to do this with as little judgement and as much patience as possible, I decided that I needed to try to play an instrument that I had no experience on.
Although all bands grow organically to some degree, most of the time the process of putting together a new band involves bringing together a bunch of musicians who have already been playing and who already have well-established playing styles and influences.
Although the members of Crack are avid music fans, they don't really have any experience creating music. They're smart guys, though, and I knew it wouldn't take long before some kind of melodies (and I use that word loosely) began to emerge. Listening to see exactly what would emerge has been the fun part, as I believe the music of Crack has been shaped far more by personality and sheer force of will than by musical influences or playing styles.
It's been a fascinating process watching the band in its infancy, and I hope it continues for some time to come. As much fun as we've had with Crack, I still feel that we've barely learned to walk, in a musical, metaphorical sense.
In a final, kind of sad note, Steanso wishes to bid a fond fairwell to Ninja Boy, my goldfish. Ninja Boy was a good fish who never wanted to hurt anyone and who seemed pretty happy in his tank in my kitchen. It's not clear what got NB in the end, but he seemed to die of natural causes. Ninja Boy will be missed, and it's gonna be a real pain in the ass cleaning his tank out if I ever want to put new fish in it.


Anonymous said...

Hey now we did get something accomplished on Saturday night. Sure, it wasn't a new song, novel, or the solution to achieve world peace, but it was an accomplishment. An important (well, important to us) short term accomplishment, and you were even out of your house for a few hours. Of course I had to pick you up at your house and take you back, but at least you had a few hours away from the B-movies and video games. So you got one thing done this past weekend. I also thought you watched "To Kill A Mockingbird". That's a classic, and certainly not a B-Movie.

I suspect after this last post (just like the vacation lament) you will have people inviting you to join them in their weekend plans, and save you from yourself.

Sorry to hear about Ninja Boy. He was indeed a good fish. I guess even ninjas can get struck down by natural causes.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I have had those weekends, but last weekend was not one of them. I actually got a lot of stuff done, some of it was fun, and some of it was just so so...

CrackBass said...

Ninja Boy is dead?

shit. well, at least he lasted longer than his brother. i guess i am kind of glad we gave him up for adoption.

J.S. said...

We did go out of the house long enough to visit the ever-intriguing Heather Shaw. I had an allergy attack and my eyes swelled up, and Reed managed to aggravate his back and lose his money clip (or at least he thought he lost it).
I tried to watch To Kill a Mockingbird, but I fell asleep during it, and when I woke up I think I went back to playing Splinter Cell.

CrackBass said...

well, we did rock on friday night. and you turned down an invitation to watch a movie of merit at Sigmundo's on saturday. you had a more eventful weekend than you think

CrackBass said...

oh yeah...its valentines day. happy valentines day steanso...i choo-choo-choose you!

Sigmund Bloom said...

I'm sorry - you lost me when you used the word "constructive" in same sentence with the words "free time" - im not familiar with that concept.

CrackBass said...

hey, i just read the non-ninja boy part of your blog. whaddya mena we can barely walk? i'll walk you, you sonofabitch. crack doesnt need to walk, we'll just rock our way around. oh yeah, you might want to explain to people that none of us knew how to play our instruments when we started this thing. (and some would say atill cant)