Friday, February 04, 2005

Well, the weekend is almost here. Yeah!

I need a vacation folks. Jason has not been on vacation in a long time. We're talking years. I did go on a lovely trip to the coast for the 4th of July last summer with the Wilsons, Andy, Rami, and Ellie, but it was more of a long weekend than a real vacation. It's just really hard to get away when you have cases set and you work in a perpetually frantic law office.

Also, I just have a difficult time making travel plans. I'm a creature of habit and kind of a homebody, so it's difficult for me to get organized for trips. I love being in other places, but I hate having to travel to get there. I hate airports, and I hate the little seats in economy class which don't allow for 6'6" travellers. Then there's the issue of wrangling someone into going with me, b/c travelling to other places by yourself is just not as cool as going with other people.

My friend Ray used to say that it's a good thing if you don't long to travel b/c that means that you're comfortable with your normal life. There's a great deal of truth to that, but then again, I don't feel like living my whole life without leaving Texas.

Well, I'm open to suggestions for travel plans. I gotta get out of Austin sometime this year for an occasion other than Christmas or just to visit family. Maybe I should go visit the homeland, up in Michigan. I've had worse ideas.

Travis is hosting a team meeting in the conference room right now, I've just realized. No one asked me to attend. Maybe that's a good thing. Sounds like they're arguing about mail and calendaring and court dates. Yuck.


lee said...

My restless must go to the coolest place in these United States...The Grand Canyon. It will blow your damned mind. Or go to Mexico and see a bullfight.

CrackBass said...
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CrackBass said...
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