Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Sometimes being honest blows up in your face, ladies and gents. One of the attorneys who formerly used to work for this firm used to promise clients the moon just to get them to sign up with us. You got drunk and crashed into a busload of nuns? Sure, we can get your case dismissed. You chopped your girlfriend's head off and buried her in your backyard? We can probably get you probation. Now I am dealing with the clients this attorney used to represent, and some of them are not happy when the deal they end up with doesn't match what was advertised.
One kid, in particular, has told me that he was promised that his DWI would be reduced to a lesser charge, and that a trial would not be necessary in order to make this happen. Well, his case is strong, but not perfect, and the prosecutors in his court would rather go to trial on the case than reduce it (they think their case is winnable). So the kid calls up and fires us today and tells me he's hired a new lawyer. And he wants a refund.
I've been to court with this kid like 7 times, spent a ton of time tracking down his videotape and cornering the prosecutors into watching it, and now he doesn't think we should be paid for our efforts. I'm annoyed, to say the least.
My crime lies only in having negotiated with the prosecutors, gotten him the best deal they would offer, and conveying this to my client. If he wants a shot at a better outcome, he needs to go to trial. Client doesn't want a trial, though. He wants the imaginary offer that our former attorney made on the day that client contracted with us.
In other news, I spent 20 minutes earlier writing a blog which detailed why I was happy for the people of Iraq (b/c they got to vote), but why I still thought the Bush administration was a bunch of lying, cheating, no good villains (basically b/c establishing a Democracy for the Iraqis was nothing more than a happy collateral consequence of the invasion for Bush). I am still pissed that our reputation in the world community has been ruined (see torture, Guantanamo Bay, weapons of mass destruction, Bin Laden, etc.).

Anyway, this blog got erased due to an "internal server error". Probably one of the NSA's attempts to prevent the dissemination of "unAmerican" literature.

Well, I gotta get out of here and go home. I need to get my appetizers prepared and my VCR set up for the State of the Union Address. War is peace. Ignorance is knowledge. Slavery is freedom.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add: politicians never lie.


J.S. said...

Yeah, well, I'm not sure that the American people would tolerate an honest politician these days. And even if you found some honest politicians, there's the issue of delusion vs. dishonesty. They have become increasingly difficult to separate.